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NX2:Gen - Availability - NX 2 availability in Canada

Discussion in 'Nikon Capture and View NX' started by Bohdan, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. Anyone in Canada manage to upgrade from the demo version yet? Communication with Nikon.ca has been non productive for me..

    Hopefully something will be available before the demo runs out..
  2. One of the Canadian users just today explained to me that Nikon Canada may not offer NX2 as an upgrade. Instead, it may be available only at the full purchase price.
  3. That's the message I got from Nikon Canada as well...I pointed out to them that Nikon USA is offering as an upgrade....I didn't get a further response.

    I suppose then that I cannot buy a copy from Nikon USA as an upgrade from capture 1.xx from Canada?
  4. My contact explained to me that Nikon Mall won't sell an upgrade or a full-priced version to a non-U. S. resident. That makes sense to me. The various regions would constantly be taking customers from each other if they allowed that sort of thing.
  5. I've bought my serial number from the ImageMixer.net webshop and this saved me lots of money compared to the shops here in the Netherlands. This is a full download version but I think they also sell the boxed versions (full and upgrade). Just look at their website.
  6. thanks Kees....but $180 is probably about what the Canadian site will be selling it for....provided they get their act together:rolleyes: 
  7. But here in the Netherlands the full version sells for 175 euros and the upgrade is 99 euros (both boxed). I don't care for manuals so I saved about 70 euros getting the downloaded version in the US.

    And that pays for the NX2 e-book by Jason Odell which I can highly recommend.
  8. I've got Jason's nx2 ebook and have read through it and used his suggestions while processing on the demo version of nx2...I'm just waiting for the official version to come out in Canada...

    OH and I learned a lot from Jason's book. I would not hesitate in recommending it as well.
  9. Hi Bob,

    I had some very frustrating correspondence from Nikon Canada on this. (Not people being difficult, just machines being obtuse. The Nikon Canada email client keeps rejecting my replies to their email).

    In any event, I'm going to give them a call.

    One of the concerns I've had with purchasing a licence key from outside of Canada, is that I think (and this is only my faulty memory) is that the keys are country/region specific. In a previous version of Capture I used a key purchased in Canada, downloaded an update off the US website and an error message came up saying the region code not valid for update. And I'm old fashioned, I like to support the local gang if I can.

    I'll keep you updated.
  10. Hi Mark...that's been my experience as well with regional proprieties. Best to keep to one region. My frustration with Nikon Canada is that they are not forthcoming with any specifics as when the key will be released; what the cost will be. Other than telling me that NX2 is a " stand alone " software and not an upgrade they couldn' provide me with any other details. Also our local "authorized dealers" can't get any straight forward information from them either.

    Hope you have more luck then I did.
  11. Just ordered a boxed set from Nikon Canada ( order desk) Will be shipped by purulator . Price is $119.97 includes a manual.

    whoo hoo...
  12. Bob,

    Could you PM re: who to talk to? NX2 is off the Nikon.ca site now.......
  13. pm sent
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