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NX2:Gen - Commands - NX2 batch crash w/View-labeled images

Discussion in 'Nikon Capture and View NX' started by zebo, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. zebo


    Jun 30, 2008
    Amherst MA
    When I try to run a batch in NX2 (specifically applying a USM step) to more than one image that has been labeled (either stars or numbers) in View NX (v. 1.1.0), NX2 crashes early while "analyzing" the files to be converted.

    This does not happen if I've labeled within NX, and doesn't happen if I apply a step (via batch process) to one image only.

    I've tried clearing the cache (I have located on 2nd hard drive) to no avail.

    Otherwise, loving NX2, but I gotta be able to do batches to labeled files!


  2. Tom,

    The labels can be set to be compatible with Capture NX1.x, but not View NX if that's what you were thinking. Even so, that's just a matter of reading what the labels are defined as. As an example, I have mine set to "custom" because I don't like the default settings of either Capture NX or NX2.

    Also, I don't see anything setting compatibility regarding the stars.


    I tried doing what you are unsuccessfully trying and had no problems.

    However, I have reported in a separate thread some very quirky, intermittent issues with View NX pertaining to both the stars and the labels. Sometimes they don't stick when I apply them within View NX. Sometimes they have stuck as confirmed by reading them in Capture NX but they don't show up as having stuck in View NX. (I keep thinking that I should try downloading and installing View NX again but I haven't gotten around to it.) My point is that I'm beginning to wonder if I'm better off doing certain things in Capture NX rather than View NX if doing so doesn't require too much extra time.

    Regardless, there is a workaround to your issue: simply apply the ratings and stars after you process the images. There is no need to apply the labels to anything other than your keepers, so there's no reason not to make that one of the last steps in your workflow.

    If you like using the stars as I do before post processing, you could do the following: Create a 1-star temp folder, a 2-star temp folder, etc. After assigning all of the stars using View NX, copy the files to their respective temp folder. Erase all of the stars once the files are in the temp folder. Process the files in Capture NX using the temp folders. Re-apply the stars using View NX or Capture NX (though being leery of my issue noted above). Move the processed, rated files to their final destination. I realize that requires a couple extra steps and that it won't win any awards for elegance, but it will give you the capability of batch processing all of your files while keeping the various ratings segregated.
  3. zebo


    Jun 30, 2008
    Amherst MA
    Thanks Tom and Mike. Indeed, it was a View/NX problem, not an earlier-NX problem as Tom read it.

    For now I've chalked it up to mystery: after a reboot, the problem was gone, though I have one other major crash when View and NX2 were running at the same time.

    I'll give your workflow suggestion a try, Mike. Still trying to find my way into the "flow" end of the work!

    Thanks much
  4. Zebo, I just noticed that your first two posts here at the Cafe are in this thread. Welcome to the Cafe and to the Capture NX forum! You might want to drop by the Cafe's welcome thread to introduce yourself.

    Considering how much time we spend at this stuff, I highly recommend Jason Odell's eBook about Capture NX2. I complimented him particularly on the section about workflow.

    It's so good that I wonder if it shouldn't be near the beginning of the book rather than near the end. That might be because I like thinking about the big picture before getting into the details. Not everyone uses that thought process.

    If it would be helpful, I would be happy to copy and paste my workflow process for everything from moving the files from the memory card to getting them ready for web ouput.
  5. Mike, what settings do you use to save pictures for use as windows wallpaper and screen savers? I seem to be using any old setting-my collection (if you can call it that) is all over the map in terms of size, sharpening, color space, etc! :smile:
  6. Those parameters would probably work okay but that's a typo. I meant it to be 10/5/0.

    I also forgot to mention that there is great tutorial in Tutiki about sharpening parameters the author uses in various circumstances.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 1, 2008
  7. Just got Jason's book a couple of weeks ago--this week I finally have the time to delve into it! Thanks Mike!
  8. Oops! I just accidentally deleted most of Post #7. If anyone needs me to address it again, I will.
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