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NX2:Gen - Performance - Install Capture 4.x AND NX 2 together ?!?

Discussion in 'Nikon Capture and View NX' started by JPS, Jul 14, 2008.

  1. Yes !

  2. No !

  3. Yes, but... (explain why and how)

  4. No, but... explain why)

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  1. After having fought for sometimes with the installation of Capture NX 2, i eventually followed one of the advice i received:

    NX 2 and Capture 4.x don't like to cohabit on the same computer, hence one must un-install all other Nikon programs (and clear all tracks of any Nikon files in the computer and in the register) before to be able to install -and use- Capture NX 2 !

    ...but i remember having read -i can't remember where- that some people DO have -and run- different versions of Nikon RAW converters on the same computer, i'd like to know how they had it working, if they had problems installing/running it and how they solved it ?


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  2. rdle


    Apr 2, 2005
    So. California
    Capture 4.x, and NX 1.xx are both installed on my WinXP machine. Everything works fine. NX 1.xx and NX2 are both installed on my Vista Machine. I only run one of them at a time as instructed by the Nikon readme. All work fine.
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  3. BTW, is there a way to EDIT the poll after it's been started ? I'd like to change the title and the way the questions are made...

  4. Only the moderators have the keys to the castle allowing changes to the polls.
  5. Thanks Mike ! ..that's what i thought :frown: !

    Anyway, judging by the number or responses/comments, it wasn't worth making any change in the poll...:rolleyes:  ! Funny though, as 74 people read the thread, 4 answered the poll, but only 1 explained his answer !

  6. JPS, you also might have noticed the same disparity of viewers vs participants in my two polls.

    I didn't vote in your poll yet because I forgot to ask what you mean by "running." I didn't undertand your poll because Nikon explicitly says not to use two programs at the same time even though NX and NX2 can simultaneously reside on the computer. Did you mean "residing" or "running?"
  7. Ooooops... my bad ! Sorry Mike ! Indeed i meant "residing" !

  8. I voted "Yes but" for the following reason. NX and NX2 reside on my computer. Initially I left NX on the computer only until I was sure that NX2 would meet my needs. Now that I am sure that it does, the only reason NX remains on my computer is that I have been too lazy to uninstall it.
  9. Thing is, Nikon doesn't say that one shouldn't have different versions of NX on the same computer, but only that the "old" Capture 4.x must not reside together with the new NX !

    Too bad, because i -until now- only use Capture 4 to convert my RAW files ! I tried Photoshop ACR but didn't like the results... I reckon that NX is even much better, but it works on a different -IMO- "philosophy"... the Color Control Points, for exemple, use a new -to me- system of adjustment, perhaps even better than the way we do it in Photoshop...

    But all this need some time to get used to... meanwhile, one must still use the "old way" to insure the day-to-day "production of images, where one can't spend too much time "trying", isn't it ?

    Of course, for those who allready were using NX 1.x, the step isn't so high... but well, as i didn't go NX's way when it first came out, it will obviously take me more time... (and the age doesn't help either... :redface: !).

  10. jfenton


    Jan 26, 2005
    Haverhill, MA
    I Have The Old Capture 4.4 On MY Vista System

    Alonmg with NX and NX2 and they all work just fine.
  11. Hi Jim !

    Thanks for answering ! .....Apparently, it looks as though you are the only one -up to now- that have both the "old" Capture 4.x AND Capture NX/NX 2 residing on the same computer, and who hasn't got any problem running one or the other.....

    I have Window XP 32 on my desktop, never been able to put NX 2 because i have Capture 4.4, but on my laptop i have Vista Home, and i HAD to uninstall Capture 4.4 to be able to put NX 2 !

    ...sure i wish to know why they both co-habit on your PC and not on mine :actions1: ???

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