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NX2: Redeye tool

Discussion in 'Nikon Capture and View NX' started by Otter, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. Hi.

    A bit of a silly question, but...

    I am currently using NX2 Trial to see if I want to upgrade or not. Guess I like self punishment...

    It does seem a bit more responsive than 1.3 although clicking save after one or two NEF edits takes forever!

    My question though is how the heck do I get the RedEye tool to work? I have a shot from last night where the SB-800 created a demon out of my daughter on the football field during the Marching Ban half time show.

    I zoomed into the image. Selected the redeye tool, put the control in the red eye and nothing happens. What obvious thing am I missing here?

  2. What's supposed to happen is a black "dot" appears over the eye and you drag the size in or out depending on the size of the pupil in the image. I've pm'd a couple of our gurus to see if they can help.
  3. Joe, I don't use the red-eye control point, but from what I can tell it is essentially a color control point that is limited to applying green to the red area in a predetermined hue, saturation, brightness, etc. (Green neutralizes red.)

    The help screen provides the information shown below about how to use it. If it isn't working that way on your image, let us know.

    "To remove red-eye from an image using the red-eye control point tool, follow these steps:

    1) Click on the red-eye control point icon in the toolbar. The cursor will change into a crosshair.
    2) Click on the red portion of the eye that contains red-eye to place a Red-Eye Control Point.
    3) Control the red-eye control point's effect using the size slider."
  4. bh626


    Mar 6, 2006
    I am amazed at how well the auto red eye works. I applied it to a picture with 8 or so red-eyes. Poof! Gone like that in a single click...
  5. Thanks guys.

    Mike, I did read the help prior to posting. It's so easy to do, yet it's doing nothing when I use it. Makes me wonder if something is wrong.
  6. Joe, you might consider uninstalling NX and reinstalling it. If you do that, download it rather than use the same files. It's always possible that a program file became corrupted during the download or installation process.
  7. Thanks Mike. I don't think I'll go through that hassle. It's a shame we all buy some of the best cameras and glass out there then use such buggy software.

    If you search here you will see the system I use. Not a slow poke pc by any stretch.
    In NX2 (or NX1), I open a NEF, do a couple small edits, click save. Sometimes it takes OVER 4 MINUTES to save. Sometimes it crashes.

    I'm still trying to decide, but I already paid for the bug called NX1. Not sure if I want to buy more buggy software for another $100.
  8. Sorry, I don't buy that. The NX is bad software mantra has been discredited several times over in this forum. The finger always winds up back to Microsoft Windows.
  9. Totallay off-topic but I have to agree with both Joe and Rich on the status of the NX software. Although Microsoft has a large deal in the (in)stability of NX because of .Net framework it was Nik Software that made the decision to use the .Net software in the first place. So we should also blame Nik Software for their very bad choice of framework software.
  10. Not really.

    I work in software and we would not release software like this. It simply doesn't work very well. And to expect people to spend hours tweaking their system to get their (Nikons) software to work properly, is ridiculous.

    It's poor software engineering. Poor management decisions.

    It's obvious .Net was a bad choice for this type of software. It, along with other points like bugs, make Capture NX itself, bad software for the money. .net is only part of what makes NX NX. As a whole, NX simply is bad software.

    My post is not to debate this. I know OS's and I know .Net development.

    I was just wondering why the simple red eye tool isn't working properly for me. I wondered if I was doing something wrong.

    I actually like NX. I just find it extremely frustrating at times.

  11. Me too, Joe. I haven't ever used any software that isn't occasionally frustrating, so I completely understand.
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