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NX2:Win - Unstable Metadata using View NX and Capture NX2

Discussion in 'Nikon Capture and View NX' started by Mike Buckley, Jul 19, 2008.

  1. Awhile ago I posted a thread mentioning that when I use View NX to apply metadata, the data is unstable. I reinstalled View NX hoping that that might solve the problem. It remains unstable.

    Having decided that there is nothing I can do about View NX's unstable metadata, I decided to try using Capture NX2 to apply it. I am now realizing that I am having the same issues with NX2 that I've had all along with View NX.

    My wife is a very methodical person pertaining to computer usage, so I asked her to follow along to ensure that there isn't something I am doing wrong that is causing the issues. She is also amazed at the instability of the data. She sees star ratings of two or three stars inexplicably appear even though my workflow employs the use of only five stars or no stars. She sees the crazy dialog box that tells me that I'm not authorized to make the change (despite that we have only one user set up on Vista and that user is the administrator.) After applying metadata, she sees the dialog box that asks if we want the changed data to be saved and the results are the same whether we select "yes" or "no." This is just crazy.

    I am very close to completely giving up on Nikon software with regard to metadata and am curious if anyone else is having this problem.
  2. aldirtfarmer


    May 2, 2006
    Aiken, SC

    I did just check to see if some star ratings I recently applied were in fact still in the files. They all appear to be in place.

    When I was adding those ratings initially I did get the "not authorized error" at least once. I thought it was my external harddrive not playing on the network well. It gives me fits for reasons unknown but, after reading your post perhaps not the drives fault.
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  3. Joe, I am using my external hard drive only for backing up data files and for storing the caches.
  4. I haven't had any problems so far with metadata, but I did have a problem for a few days when the thumbnail was a different picture from the NEF. ViewNX was also crashing more frequently. The errant thumbnails were from the same directory but they weren't of the underlying raw file. I opened and closed ViewNX several times, even rebooted, but still random thumbnail mixups. I finally uninstalled and reinstalled ViewNX and the problem cleared up.

    It was at that point that Capture NX2 slowed way down, reversing the effects of TomTom's speed mod. I'm running Media Center 2005 (XP Pro with bells and whistles) SP2, all updates in place. Don't know what to say.
  5. Tom,

    On the surface I would have thought the same thing. But I can assure you that on my system I am experiencing changes that are beyond my control. You probably remember that I have been experiencing them for awhile. There is simply no way that I can explain, as an example, how or why star ratings change in a file to ratings that are not part of my workflow weeks or seconds after I finish processing an image.

    I know these things happen in software, so it's not beyond my imagination to realize that it can happen in Nikon software. The commercial digital print shop that I work at has a policy of not printing Word files because objects that are embedded in them occasionally move around the page on an intermittent basis. It happens.
  6. akrabat


    Aug 10, 2007
    Worcester, UK

    Have you considered called Nikon about it? Given that you are in the US, you get free technical support.



  7. Thanks for the idea, Rob. Is there actually a phone number that I can talk to a live person? I had thought there was only the online messaging system. In situations like this in which the problems are intermittent and thus usually more difficult to solve, I would prefer to talk with a person so we can converse naturally.
  8. Thanks for your continued exploration of the subject, Tom.

    I have been assuming that if the stars are displayed within the thumbnails the processing has been completed. If it's possible that the stars are not processed even though they are visible within the thumbnails, that could explain some of the anomalies I have been experiencing.

    Regardless, I am pretty close to settling on an image-management workflow that involves using IDimager to apply all metadata to my JPEGs and conduct searches. If I ever need to find my corresponding NEFs, I'll be able to easily
    find them once I've got search results on the JPEGs. This image-management solution, if it works, seems to address all real and otherwise perceived problems as well as providing the search capabilities not currently possible within Nikon software.
  9. akrabat


    Aug 10, 2007
    Worcester, UK

    Try the "Digital Imaging Technical Support" number and see what happens!


  10. Thanks, Rob! I'll keep that handy for the future. For now, I have moved on to using IDimager to resolve all of my issues and to provide additional capabilities not offered by Nikon.
  11. rmi1


    Jan 14, 2008
    Western Hemisphere
    I've seen some interesting "issues" with ViewNX 1.1.1 (downloaded a couple of days ago). it seems to be challenged by rotating files. I've rotated the thumbnail yet the full size image has not rotated. Version 1.0.3 functioned correctly. It's a little disappointing - perhaps the missing metadata and the rotational problems are linked.
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