NYC - Long Island City Transit Hijinx

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by Fred G, Jul 28, 2008.

  1. Hi there :smile: I haven't posted in a while but have been shooting.

    These are some shots I took in Long Island City in Queens of some transit operations. I used a D200, a Sigma 10-20, a Nikon 70-200VR and a Tamron 17-50. I hope you enjoy them.

    Run for it!


    Too noisy! I don't think I could have had this guy pose like this :cool:


    Hunterspoint Station

    Thanks for viewing and c/c please!
  2. nice series, fred
    thanks for sharing
  3. Hey Fred

    Neat pics. My town has one stop light. Never been to New York but it looks very interesting. Thanks for posting..........


    Ted :smile: