NYC Street Photography - August 20th

Mar 9, 2005
North Jersey
Just reposting for those who are interested.

Full topic is here


The last street photography event was an excellent gathering of those of us FredMiranda'ers from around the NYC area. It was a great success, and hopefully we'll have just as large of a gathering this go 'round.

Date: Saturday, August 20, 2005
Time: 9AM-3PM (and drinks afterwards for anyone willing)
5:30 AM Meeting Point: Brooklyn Bridge (near the Brooklyn Works signage)
9 AM Meeting Point: Washington Sq. Park

I suggest we do what we did last time by limiting it to one lens. It will make it easier for us to move as a group as we won't have to worry about huge backpacks, etc. Or you can do even as Dave Baker did as simply use a Fuji point and shoot disposable (and Dave got some great stuff).

Digital is not required, and there is no test or major critique at the end. What is required is simply respecting everyone in the group and having a great time (although that is a given with every FM member I've ever met, some of the best people I know).

Agenda (roughly)
We will begin by assembling at Washington Square Park under the monument, as we did last time (9:00 AM). Since downtown was such a success last time, we are going to concentrate our efforts in the downtown section working our way through Chinatown and further down through the historic and financial districts, breaking for lunch around the South Street Seaport. At lunch we will also discuss the afternoon agenda.

Some FAQs

Can I bring a tripod?
Believe it or not, there are tripod laws in the city. Although rarely enforced, because of the number of attendees we will be having, I would hate to see any of us get into trouble for not having the proper permits, etc, so I would strongly suggest leaving it in the car or at home. To apply for a tripod permit, visit and perform a search and you will find the necessary paperwork.

With that said, I would say that if you are planning to come to the sunrise shoot, please email me so I know, and I'd say a tripod is ok for that time of day for where we will be. Since the remainder of the day we will be walking the city, I'd suggest leaving it in the car.

Can I bring any friends?
Since FM is a great gathering place where ideas are exchanged and we know a lot about each other on a name by name basis, I would strongly suggest that anyone wanting to attend, sign up to FM and also purchase a few of Fred's plug-ins while you're at it. The FM forums are free, so there is no reason not to be a member.

Why such a long day?
Well in theory, after a stop for coffee in the morning and some lunch around mid-day, we are probably looking at about 3-4 hours of shooting, a bit of walking and a lot of learning and talking, getting to know those we don't and catching up with those we do know. Trust me, every minute of it will be worth it.

How many lenses should I bring?
I strongly suggest 1 lens and maybe a landscape lens if you are doing the morning shoot also. It'll be less to carry and less to worry about.

What type of shoes?
Wear some comfortable sneakers that are already broken in. Also wear comfortable clothes that breathe. Also bring a bottle or two of water as you should hydrate through the day.
Mar 9, 2005
North Jersey

There is always next time. I'm thinking about Bronx Zoo outing sooner or later. Let me know if you are interested.
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