NYC: The Usual Suspects

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  1. D300 & 17-55mm w/circular polarizer @ base ISO 200.

    Manhattan Bridge Up High [1/400 at f/4]

    Brooklyn Bridge [1/1000 at f/4]

    Brooklyn Bridge [1/640 at f/4]

    Brooklyn Bridge [1/640 at f/4]

    City Hall [1/50 at f/7.1]

    Zephyr Boat [1/1000 at f/4]

    Stare Down [1/1600 at f/8]
  2. bradNYC


    Mar 28, 2008
    Dez, Not sure what a circular polarizer is but these shots are excellent. The Mayor's office is the best. Did you stick the camera thru the gate?
  3. Thanks Brad. I use the Nikon CPII Thin circular polarizer. I used to have a 72mm and changed it to a 77mm, so they would fit all my lenses, including the 18-200 VR with a step ring.

    Yes, I got City Hall through the fence. One day I will get in there (Bloomberg is my employer) and take a full shot w/no obstructions :biggrin:
  4. nice series, dez
    as usual

    i like all of them
  5. Thanks Greg. Appreciate it :smile:
  6. Thanks Chris!
  7. very cool pictures fav is still the one of Manahattan Bridge between the buildings. I love the changes in perspective. Really like all the B&Ws too.
    What is a Zephyr boat?
    Keep posting its like a mini tour of NYC
  8. Thank you Barb. I retook that Manhattan Bridge photo today. I wanted it wider.

    The Zephyr is a tour boat that goes around Manhattan.
  9. Please tel me you weren't driving when you took #2 & 3. Please? It looks like the passenger seat perspective. But please put me at ease?
  10. Nice shots Dez.... as you know, I have always liked your shot of #1. Very nice. Seems like you like the Brooklyn Brg, eh? Hehe... you and I both.

    I dunno why you need to shoot through the fence at City Hall... you can pretty much walk right up to the building. The fountain there is quite nice.
  11. gabriel_felipe


    Apr 26, 2006
    like always great shots,
    but I wanted to know: :rolleyes: how many pictures you have taken to the bridge? :rolleyes: maybe you can try from the river, I mean, under the water... :rolleyes:

    keep sharing
  12. Oh Rich. I'll put you at ease. I was in the passenger seat :wink:
  13. Thank you. Shot #1 isn't the original shot that you saw a few months back. I retook that shot yesterday for a wider view at 17mm. And yes, I love the BB :tongue:

    Yes, i know about City Hall. Used to work across the street:



  14. Thank you Gabriel. I have taken many photos of the Brooklyn Bridge and from every angle.

    To answer your question, you can view more here:
  15. #1's awesome, Dez!
  16. Nice set Dez.
    The B&Ws work well.
  17. Great shots, the first three perspectives are terrific, I really like the treatment of #1.
  18. Nice shots.... a little closer and you might see Bloomberg in his cubicle! :biggrin:
  19. The b&w shots are stunning Dez, especially the first 2. Well done my friend.

    God Bless,