NYC: Union Soldiers @ Governors Island

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  1. I made a trip to Governors Island this past weekend for the first time. I am born & raised in NYC and have never visited this treasure of a park.

    Governors Island is about 800 yards from Lower Manhattan and about 172 acres large. It used to be a strategic military installation with a Fort, prison and soldier housing. It was sold by the federal government to the City of New York for $1. It is now a public park.

    D300, 18-200 VR lens w/a Nikon circular polarizer & Nikon SB-900 for fill flash in some.

    Here are some shots:

    Asphalt Path (HDR, 5 bracketed photos)

    Art Sculpture (with SB-900 for fill flash)

    Fort Jay

    Portrait (with SB-900 for fill flash)

    Union Soldiers (with SB-900 for fill flash)






    Castle Williams

    More of the Governors Island here:
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  2. ArtO


    Jun 14, 2008
    Very nice series. It's certainly an interesting place.
  3. Thanks Art :smile:
  4. nice series, dez
    you might be the only one who'll shoot an 18-200 and a $500.00 SB-900 flash... :smile:
  5. LOL. I'm an equal opportunity shooter :tongue: I think they worked rather well together.

    The SB-900 cost me $450 (actually $190 after I sold my SB-800).

  6. Fine series Dez.
    The B&Ws with the CP are very cool.
  7. Thanks Fred :smile:
  8. Perhaps the COLOR versions look better?



  9. Zee71


    Apr 1, 2007
    Queens, NY
    Very nice series! You definitely picked a very nice day to go as well. I need to make it out there as well one of these days. I think having some photo's in Sepia would give it a nice touch as well.
  10. Thanks Mark.

    The B&W photos were Sepia, except for the flags.
  11. Very nice set. Never heard of the park. I might have to finally go back to visit NYC (after 26 years!) and see your town all over again!
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  12. Thanks Alex.

    Governors Island has been in NYC since the very beginning. Founded by the Dutch. In the 1700s-1800s it was used as a strategic military installation and the military abandoned the island in 1996.
  13. Zee71


    Apr 1, 2007
    Queens, NY
    Hmm..............I guess I was looking more for a reddish tint, and a antiquated look.
  14. I like my Sepia to look more in the brownish side :wink:
  15. Well done Dezz .

    Thanks for sharing
  16. Thank you Arthur :smile:
  17. Very pretty series and nice use of the 'subtle' qualities of the SB-900 blow torch!:biggrin: I sold my 18-200, but I never complained about the picture quality, these say a lot about the value of a very versatile lens.
  18. Something's odd about that 'veteran' picture.
    Those don't look like Marine Corps badges of rank and his ribbons are not in the correct order.

    As a retired colonel myself, it seems very out of character for a retired field grade officer to parade around looking disheveled and wearing fragments of a uniform like this.
  19. Nice series Dez. This looks like a great place for a staged shoot.

    Thanks for sharing.