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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AFS, Nov 9, 2005.

  1. I'm wondering if I've gone mad, or if I'm just obsessed.
    It is 1:09 AM here in miami as I write this. I have to wake up at a quarter to 6 AM for school- i'm in class at 7:10 for AP Latin. I have to do my homework for that class now.
    But I just spent some time writing up the (preliminary...I'm already planning to expand on it greatly tomorrow) wikipedia entry for the D200!
    I already wrote the one for the D2Hs....am I Insane to be doing this rather than the homework? of course. Am I too obsessed though?
    I think i'm going into nikon-overload. On the Marketwatch Virtual Stock Exchange (we did an economics project using this) I've created my own personal competition to enjoy with some of my friends. I have purchased approximately $1,000,000 (virtual bucks) worth of a stock called NINOY: Guess :redface:
  2. Don't ignore or underestimate your obsessions. They tend to end up being what you do.

    But do your homework! And get some sleep! :biggrin:

    Some 25 years ago, I couldn't sleep because I couldn't leave my computer alone. I HAD to learn how to make it do anything I wanted. My girlfriend resented it and day job suffered a little because of it.

    And it landed me in a pretty good place.

    But be pragmatic. I've had other obsessions over the years (including photography) but I can't say they would have worked out quite as well as programming did.
  3. Don't worry. These things is what makes you a happy man.

    I finished my university management/business degree last year from the hardest and most respected canadian University (what a pita :D izzy: ) and I spent more time playing internet Chess and writing on Dpreview then actually studying.

    We all had our laptops in class. That was the worst move ever; So long to *supposed* increased productivity. All it did was increase my lens lust and fighting the trolls on dpreview. Anyways, I got my diploma and all is well today :rolleyes: 
  4. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005

    I am well known as an obsessor (although I'm not compulsive.) All I can say is Go!!! You probably can let your Latin lag (it is a dead language ya know) but don't try that with math or any subject where you learn to write! Oh, get some sleep once in a while too, and I hear being around people has benefits too, (hypothetically.)

    'cess on, dude!
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