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Off topic but equally moving

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by italy74, Aug 4, 2007.

  1. Hi guys,

    I want to share with you a little "agitation" I had yesterday evening. I had just arrived to my mother-in-law home, after a 500 miles trip and we were just greeting all here when their dog, who was barking and turning around excited had a sudden and unexpected "jump" as hit by something invisible, a very few seconds of uncontrolled movements with its head and paws, and "poof", from one moment to the other he had gone. Died.
    Due to the contemporariety of my arrival and the way it happened, it was just to share with you how life is precious and even if someone will say "it's "only" a dog", the perturbation was still there, as a message.

    For me? Since God knows I always try to "read" among the life lines..
    For you? Since God knows too I would have reported this fact
    For who else?
  2. Wow, though the timing wasn't the best, I'm sorry to hear of you Mom's dog passing. It's always tough to lose a family member - even the 4-legged ones. Give your Mom a hug for us and tell her we're sorry.
  3. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Very sorry to hear about the loss of a loved one.
    Yes Animals and birds included.
    They are our loved ones also
  4. Hi guys,
    and thanks for your lines, the fact is that I think a photographer (and possibly every good man) should be able to see a single flower in a large meadow; as for the dog, here (unfortunately, and without exaggerating on the other side) animals are seen ONLY as "servant", not "fellows". So dogs MUST be fierce because of the guard they have to do, but none here spends time by playing with them. It's really out of my culture (I grew up in a very little farm as here (my relatives live in the country), but "relationships" with animals were much different!)
    Just to mention it, the dog was enchained at a very short chain, 1m or 2. All his life there in this way! What a poor dog!

    As everytime we set up/engage a long-time relationship, things go (or should go) beyond the simple utilitaristic "do ut des" (I mean: I give and I take) that is often with others.

    None here has really perceived what was happening. One has gone, another one will arrive. Simple as that and of course i don't agree this "inner coldness" originated by a closed culture (in southern Italy people are often fans of the status quo, and above all the worst thing is that they aren't neither interested in looking for something else, whatever it is)
  5. the_traveler


    Mar 22, 2007
    en route
    I have been occasionally thinking about that.

    Do I want to go quickly, thus sparing my family any pre-death angst or do I want to slide slowly but inexorably down, giving my family an opportunity to get ready?
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