Oh dear, seems my Sigma 80-400 needs service

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by DanielD, Apr 21, 2007.

  1. I guess there's some loose connection in the lens' mount. Today but also before I sometimes noticed strange behaviour such as the camera telling the battery is empty, switching off/on and it was full again...
    Also it sometimes refused to focus.

    Today I could reproduce a related effect. Holding both camera and lens horizontally, supporting each with one hand, the camera display shows the normal shutter speed/aperture etc.

    One I remove the support for the lens so that (more) weight is held by the lens mount, the camera display changes from showing the correct aperture (F8) to ("triangle" F0), like for lenses that have no CPU.
    Giving the lens full support again lets the display change back to F8.

    Looks very much like the communication between camera and lens is flaky, most likely due to some loose connection.

    To get an idea whether camera mount or lens mount is the culprit, I put on my 70-200VR with similiar weight. Rock solid, no problems, so I guess it's the Sigma.

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