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Discussion in 'General Technical Discussion' started by Sybull, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. This weekend I did something which, looking back at it, was unforgiveably stupid.

    I was re-installling a secong copy XP on my PC (one copy for the kids to create havoc with, one for me to use). This was on a seperate partition. When XP asked if I wanted to re-format the Partition, I gave it a bit of thought checking all my MP3 where on the other partition etc and decied to yes, so re-formatted the partition. XP was then doing it's stuff installing and I went to make a cup of tea when it dawned on me......my directory \digital_photos was on the drive !

    I stayed calm and did a search on the internet and found some software called "getdataback". Downloaded it and ran it from the kids version of windows. It restored about 300 photos. This I fealt was a resonable price to my stupidity.

    Then, last night my wife was explaining to me what a hard day she had consoling her mum who had just had to have her beloved labrador Sam put down due to cancer. Then, just before going to bed adds "....Mum would like you to print off that nice photo of sam you took...". I knew for a fact that Sam's photo was not one of the 300 !!

    Still trying to stay calm, I went back to my pc (which I had now finished installing XP on). Remembering that I had quickly run the software in basic mode, I fired it up again and looked at the more advanced options. I ticked those and let it do it's stuff. This time it took a lot longer but came up with a lot more photos, including loads of from websites I had not visited for years ! After a few hours of sifting though these, I finally found sam's photo.

    The lesson Learnt: BACKUP...BACKUP...BACKUP. I know it's a pain, but the pain of losing photos is a far greater!

    Anayway, below is the picture which had I not managed to get back would have caused untold heartache.

    Sam R.I.P
  2. pullbcarepull


    Apr 22, 2008
    Houston, TX
    I'm glad that you were able to recover your photos. I faced a similar situation a few years back when the hard drive on my laptop crashed. It was my only computer at the time and I lost about two years worth of pictures. I've since learned my lesson and all my important files are now backed up on a RAID server as well as external hard drives and DVDs.
  3. Had another look last night and the final amount of files retieved was about 1500. Phew ! One mistake a lot of people make is putting all thier pictures in "My Pictures" which of course sits in the "Documents and settings" folder.. If something happens to windows or thier machine, people send it back to have windows re-installed and off course this gets deleted. I always create a folder on another partition aways from windows. Still dosn't cater for stupidity though!
  4. Compulsion


    May 1, 2007
    Sterling, VA
    In Windows XP it's possible to redirect the "My Documents" folder to a different folder. Should windows need to be reinstalled, it will overwrite the default directory, not the one you changed it to.
  5. I use two external hard drives to hold my photos and My Documents as well as my address book and bookmarks. The price of large drives are falling as I write this.

    Only the paranoid survive.

  6. Lurker


    Jul 21, 2007
    Been there, done that :Ouch:

    My first year of digital photography is pretty much gone... Basically same adventure. Reinstalling windows, "yes, on the C: drive", not realizing that the installation program had switched around partitions.

    Of course by the time it was done installing XP everything was already overwritten, the quickly acquired software couldn't undo my stupidty. :Angry: So, what did I lose? Pictures of my first appartment, my honeymoon (yeah that went over well with the spouse), vacation trips...

    Ever since I make backups. First I used CD' - a single CD would hold three months of pictures. As I progressed in photography - better cameras with larger image sizes, shooting raw, shooting more images as well this rapidly declines into once cd per month, then two...

    I now back up onto USB hard drives - two of them for redundancy. And another hard lesson learned: never, ever, create equally sized partitions...
  7. I think most of us have gone through this, or something similar, at one point in time. My personal backup scheme is overly paranoid and overly redundant, I have copies on 3 seperate hard drives on-line, 2 connected to my PC, one on the Network, as well as a minum of 1 hard drive which is off-line and stored elsewhere. I'm not recommending that everyone go to these lengths :wink:, but here is what I DO reccomend that everyone do. Automate your backups, don't depend on yourself to do them manually. I happen to use a program called Fileback PC, but there are many others which work equally as well. One of the things I like about this program is that it makes simple file copies, that you can examine and recover through Windows Explorer directly. Many of the programs that come with External Hard Drives, such as the Maxtor One Touch and WD MyBook, create their own propietary Backup Volumes which then requires the same software for recovery. If you want to backup to CD's or DVD's, although with the new version you can now put your backups anywhere, I highly recommend Archive Creator. One feature that I love about this program is that it creates an HTML Index which you can view on every volume which tells you which volume each image is stored on, with thumbnails as well if you choose that option.
  8. ubetcha


    Nov 12, 2006
    San Diego, Ca
    Sam looks like a great dog. Hug your Mum-in-law, she probably needs a hug. Great picture!
  9. rbellphoto


    Jun 8, 2006
    Too right!

    Four external hard drives here, three for just photos, the fourth for My Documents and other miscellaneous files, plus bi-monthly trips to my safety deposit box for off-site archiving (via DVD-R).
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