Oh no! D50 broke again?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by lexiticus, May 29, 2007.

  1. Ok, I was out taking pics of a fire in my town tonight, And I had the 80-200 af-s on, So after I was finished with that focal length I switched to my Tamron 28-75
    now when I took off the 80-200 I didn't take it off as smooth as I could have, (I was in a hurry) And so later on i'm hearing a funny noise from my Tamron when Autofocusing,

    Assuming its the Tamron I went home, (AF still was accurate, maybe a bit slower than normal) Then switched lenses again and still hearing the funny noise (like the AF motor is quickly clicking as it turns, almost like its fighting with the lens to turn it (hence why I assumed it was the Tamron's problem) The 80-200 obviously makes no noises, since its an AF-s lens.

    I think I bent or somehow damaged the screw driven AF motor in the D50! And I JUST got it back a week ago From Nikon with a Flash Circuitry replacement!

    ARGH! Anyone know if this is just a quick fix, or should I send it away again (And hope it is covered by warranty)
  2. Did you try re-mounting the screw drive lens? Do you have any other screw drive lenses to try?
  3. Sorry should have mentioned that, All my screw driven lenses are now louder than normal, its more of a loud whirring noise i suppose than a clicking

    still are accurate though, Its just much louder than normal. They even seem to focus in the same amount of time (if its slower its barely slower)
  4. I hope I'm right so the damage is less than it might be ; maybe it sounds louder because you are more conscious of it and are trying to hear it???? IhopeIhopeIhope
  5. Nope Its quite a bit louder, Don't have a Decibal Meter, But comparing it to my D70s, Its about 3 times as loud now.
  6. GBRandy


    Feb 28, 2006
    Green Bay, WI
    Bummer. If it is not the lenses, then it is in the camera.... Short of a lucky tap or tug, I do not think there is much you can repair on your own.....

    Did you try tugging on the blade projecting from the body? Perhaps it is just hung up on the gears wrong.
  7. Just did now (with tweezers), I also flexed the spring all the way down and back up a few times to see if maybe there was something loose in there, No luck,
    I don't want to lose this camera for another 4 weeks just to see if Nikon will repair it again, That and theres still a month of motocross left.

    Its basically a d40 for me until I fix it, I'lll stick with my 2 AF-s / HSM lenses (80-200, 18-55 and 10-20)
    (unless anyone else has any tips!)
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