Oil on Low Pass Filter

Discussion in 'General Technical Discussion' started by Chris C, Jun 22, 2005.

  1. I noticed a spec of dust on my sensor. So I got out my trusty blower/brush to get rid of it. I accidentily touched the sensor with the brush and the fibers must have had oil (body oil?) on them because there is a smudge on the sensor. And yes, it shows up on pictures. Luckily it is in the lower right hand portion of the horizontal frame and won't completely ruin most shots..............until I go vertical and it's in the sky. I'm new to this camera. Can I clean it safely or do I need to send it in for cleaning?
  2. I'd suggest PecPads and cleaner. Give it a few passes with a clean swiper each time. Then give it a test shot and see if it's clean.
  3. Thanks Sandi. Rather than ask "what are they", I Googled and found the "what"...................but have no idea where they can be purchased. Is this a photo product available at photo shops, or is it from some other field?
  4. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    You should be able to get pec-pads (or better yet, type 2 sensor swabs, made by the same company, they're pec-pads on a stick, just the right width for your camera) and the cleaning solution (it's called Eclipse) at a well stocked camera store. Follow the instructions that come with the swabs to the letter, and it works without a hitch.
  5. Thanks, Chris. I haven't frequented camera stores much in the past 15 years, so I had no idea.
  6. Chris, I thought I might share with you.............................

    We "Okies" think we're pretty much up to snuff on most things (technology, fashion, etc.) but I contacted every photo store in our metro area and no-one had even heard of Pec Pads or Eclipse cleaner! Guess we are still in the horse and buggy days here! I've checked on-line and have found quite a few places it can be purchased, but I find all different prices. Since I don't buy much on-line, not certain the best place to purchase. Any suggestions for a reputable supplier?
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