OK Bob one more

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  1. :smile:

    He is lurking right under the Harvestman.

    Who still has his eye out for Bob

  2. Seems I have to chime in now.

    I did not know the species by heart of course, because to date there are more than 60.000 described species of weevils worldwide.
    But, here's where a certain level of knowledge in beetle systematics helps.
    I knew it is a weevil (family Curculionidae), I knew it belongs to the subfamily Ceutorhynchinae, I knew it's from N-America and it reminded me of the European genus Mononychus. Narrowed down like that, it took me half a minute to find it in bug-guide.net:

    Mononychus vulpeculus.

    Bug-guide.net is a phantastic website, but without a bit more than a basic knowledge in insect systematics it is immensely difficult to use the identification guide.

  3. Forgot to mention - the weevil pic looks heavily cropped.
    The harvest man pic is very good.

  4. Thanks so much I am enjoying this. Just need a bit of help to get started. The weevil was buried in foliage

  5. Is that an Iris (growing in the water) he's sitting on?
    Our European species (Mononychus punctum-album) is solely found on Iris pseudacorus.

  6. Just a common iris in my yard (Iris sibirica) I think.
  7. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Nice shots

    Very interesting information as well.
    Thanks again Harry
  8. tojor


    Jul 27, 2005
    The harvestman looks like he is levitating. Maybe he was ready to jump right at you and give you a scare. :eek:
  9. He did startle me. Heck I've eaten soft shelled crabs smaller :eek:
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