Okay I have a complaint,

Mar 24, 2005
Bainbridge Island, Washington
Not with the D2x, with Nikon Capture. It is tooooo sloooooow and clunky. I loved using Adobe PS CS with my D1x, but D2x files are bigger, better and nicer. The good news is that the picture is better right out of the camera. But being a perfectionist is tough and I love to tinker. Not being a professional and on a deadline, i suppose this complaint is really minor. And the other good news is that I know Nikon is working to fix it.

I have read in several places that Nikon is being secretive with Adobe and other 3rd party software developers like Bibble (also a very good app) and not releasing important coded information on the D2x files. Hope this is not true.

I went to www.nikontechusa.com and asked very politely and respectfully if they were working with Adobe and others to allow for the best possible widespread public acceptance of the Nikon camera and images. I don't expect them to do it for me, but if enough customers let Nikon know of their concerns, it might help to make it even better than it already is.

I have no problem with Nikon making money off their software and even encourage it if it is good software but I think they also benefit by making the image file as user friendly as possible. the obvious result is more people will want to buy Nikon cameras. Seems simple, but it aint!

Here is a copy of the question I emailed to Nikon through their website.

I am using a Dual gig G-5 Mac desktop system with the fastest Graphics card on the market and 2gigs of ram. My machine is working perfectly but now as a new owner of a D2x (one day now), I am amazed at how slow the software is. I have searched the forums and find that this is a common complaint. Love the camera, hate the software. I am using 4.2.1 NC. I had to throw away Picture Perfect, (amature and immature software that I have no use for). I am using Adobe Photoshop CS and had very good experience with it and my D1x.

I am guessing that this is not the first time you have heard this. My question is; now that I have invested in Nikon's new D2x, will I see a software application that fully supports it's large files adequately in the immediate future and as a second question, will Nikon cooperate with Adobe to allow Adobe to fully support D2x NEF files.

Please understand I mean no disrespect to Nikon. You have produced a camera beyond my expectation and I love it, but the software is at least as important as the hardware and your attention is greatly appreciated.

Thank you

I will let you know of thier response and encourage anyone interested in this topic to drop Nikon a line as well.

Customer communications can have a positive impact.


Run BibblePro 4.2.x instead, it does wonders with yourD2X NEFs and in less time and much less memory space than Capture.

I do use both programs on my various PCs (Windows; Linux: only Bibble), and Bibble gives by far the better workflow. However, there are some aspects it cannot cover, such as remote camera control and that's why I still use Capture.

And it is true that Nikon encoded some of the information in the NEF file to make third-party software harder to produce.


I don't know how widespread it is but I do know that for some of us Bibble is, at present, not an option. It crashes whenever I try to send to PS. I know that Bibble is working on it but until then it is NC.

On the other hand I very much like NC and the way it works but slow is just not strong enough and I have a dual chip Athlon XP26700MP, 2 gigs ram and RAID 0 drives and it, Nikon Capture, brings this system to its knees.

All that doesn't change the fact that the D2X is an absolutely amazing camera.


I understand that Nikon has licensed something about Raw Files to Adobe.
I guess that that is why the Adobe -Nikon NEF D2X
is a separate part.

As for me I will stick with NC. Once you get it understood.

What I can't understand, is why people must shoot 500-1000 shots in raw.
Gee the full size jpg's seem pretty good to me.
Course I don't screw up to much with the D2X.

I did take 600 shots of infant swimmers in a one hour span last Wednesday.
I got four that were not any good.
These were all large JPG.

Mar 24, 2005
Bainbridge Island, Washington
I may take a thousand shots in raw to get the one great keeper. Usually it happens by accident when I am just playing around or shooting for fun or excersize or experimenting. When I get it, I want it to be the best it can be. If I was just shooting snap shots to email to my mom in Miami, and I want to show her landscape or something that is always available jpg is perfect. But I would take precious moments shots in raw always, as they may not be able to be dupicated. since precious moments can be defined as anything that may not happen again in exactly the same way, that could be anything, any time, any place.

It has been my experience that sometimes you don't even know you have a gem in your shots until you analyze it closely and find something that might have been kind of mediocre which when cropped can be a great shot. If you only have a jpg, your crop may not be as nice when printed.
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