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Oktoberfest '08 - Sahlstrom - 135/3.5

Discussion in 'Photo Meme' started by sahlstrom, Sep 30, 2008.

  1. sahlstrom


    Dec 6, 2007
    New month and a new prime! I’ll go with Nikkor-Q 135/3.5 (Pre-Ai) for October, of course pure prime and one picture per day. And I will only post uncropped black and white images.

  2. This oughta be good . . .
  3. Hej! Skoj att du också spelar igen! Waiting eagerly for your pictures as always :biggrin:
  4. Good luck Fredrik...Your 135 sounds fun. How heavy is it?
  5. sahlstrom


    Dec 6, 2007

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    I found this Jaguar on my school, just to mount an extension-tube and shoot.

    October in Sweden can be fun and it can be dreadful. Today was a dreadful day with big chances to drown. And I don’t own a tripod at this time so I hope that there will be enough light during the whole month.
    And yes Charlie, this lens is heavy. It’s like 500 grams of pure engineering, with no tripod…

    Thanks for all nice words so far!
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  6. Great start, I've always liked your B&Ws.
  7. Excellent start. I am a big fan of this lens.

  8. I don't know the lens....I'll be watching to see what I can learn. Like the B&W. Good start.
  9. the cat really leaps out, nice start
  10. What a start! Grrrrr!!! I love it!

    I know what you are saying. In Finnish October is 'lokakuu' which basically translates 'the month of wet snow'. Here in Germany things are a bit better :smile:
  11. GRRRRRrrrrrrr!!!!!
  12. Beautiful use of B&W to focus on the light and shadow. I see why you favor it. Nice.
  13. Way to go sahlstrom !
  14. New lens to me, will be interesting to see your shots. I like your first one a lot.
  15. Didn't know that cat was so vicious. Very nice.
  16. sahlstrom


    Dec 6, 2007
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  17. sahlstrom


    Dec 6, 2007
    And thanks for all comments! It’s really fun to read everything and to look at your pictures!

    But a serious question: Should I go for two extra challenges? My first two shots were with 20 mm extension tube and at f/5.6.
    Should I add that combo as a extra challenge?
  18. KayB


    Aug 17, 2007
    Puyallup, WA
    I like this one. I like the composition and the dof. It is suited for b/w. I like the feeling of damp/rainy weather it represents. That type of weather once it comes upon us here in Washington sticks around for months and months. It feels like "forever".
  19. Fredrik, I like you pick more than the rejected shot, eventhough I don't exactly love the composition. I guess I would have liked a lower angle.

    About the extra challenges: if you think you are shooting too much wide open or stopped down a lot, you could add the f/5.6. Otherwise, I don't know if it makes much sense. F/5.6 is within the 'who-cares' range which is not really hard to use (unlike wide open for instance). Just my opinion :smile:
  20. nice leaf shot, almost identical to mine from today

    great minds and all that...lol
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