Older Sigma 70-210 F2.8 APO

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by ultimind, Jul 16, 2007.

  1. ultimind


    May 13, 2007
    Cleveland, OH
    Anyone have experience with this lens? Focus speed aside (compared to the HSM version), I'm mainly looking for wide open performance but can't find any decent examples.

    I keep coming back to this range even after my terrible Sigma 70-200 / Nikon 80-200 buying / exchange / return experience from KEH... I figure if I keep trying I'll find something that's good eventually!
  2. This is an old thread, but I was looking for somewhere to post samples from this lens.

    I acquired one last year, it was lying in the bottom of my mother's lens cabinet not being used so she said i could have it.

    I am utterly amazed at how quick and sure this lens it to focus - not to mention quiet. I have a similar vintage Sigma 300/4 and it is incredibly slow and noisy and hunts a lot. The 70-210 is a dream to use in comparison.

    I've been using it on my D200 and finally have a bag big enough to carry it around with my other day-to-day lenses.

    Here are a few shots from yesterday. I am still mastering focus with this and the D200 for faster moving things (like birds) but I think this lens seems pretty nice (especially for the price:wink:)

    Backlit Daffodil by Andy McDonald, on Flickr

    Rufford Goose by Andy McDonald, on Flickr

    Bottesford Gargoyle by Andy McDonald, on Flickr

    Rufford Goose by Andy McDonald, on Flickr