Oldies but goodies

Discussion in 'People' started by Beezle, Sep 16, 2005.

  1. I spend some amount of my photography related time going over old photos. Scanning, etc. They are quite important to me as I am sure they are to most people.

    Makes me think an "oldie but goodie" forum would be nice. Non Nikon images okay since who knows if you owned one back then. :rolleyes:

    Here is a recent favorite of mine. This is during my wedding in 1991.


    Nobody was hurt.
  2. Wow! Now that is a wedding! :biggrin:

    What happened there? A little wind perhaps?
  3. That's right. A friend had put up several tarps and lashed them together.

    All it took was a little wind and it took flight.
  4. You're On!

    This one's from June 13, 1964. The steps behind are also in the movie "Only the Lonely" with John Candy. St. John Cantius, Chicago. That's me and my lovely bride...currently of 41 years.


  5. Love that photo. You look very proud.

    So you are a Navy man then? I grew up in the Army. The uniform isn't quite familiar.
  6. Yes, twenty-five years.