OMG, I'm shooting 7 wk old twin babies today! Help!

Feb 1, 2005
SE Florida
I was saving various copies of baby shots, collected over the yrs, thinking I'd someday use them for a shoot like this one. I can't find those shots, and have no clue as to how to pose them! They're 7 wk old Paternal twins, 1 boy, 1 girl. I'm thinking of postponing this shoot unless I can come up with some ideas and QUICK. We're scheduled for 10 am CST. Does anyone have any ideas or links they can point me to? I'm friggin' clueless! :roll:
May 15, 2005
Real Name
Hi Steve,

Haven't been much around these days, as I'm abroad. 7 wk "old" twins aren't easy to shoot, as babies develop their character over time and don't interact much at this age.

I think some pictures showing the twins with their mother/father - both regular pose and closeups - could be nice. Otherwise I would mostly take pictures of them together, trying to show them interact with each other.

My twins (also boy and girl) are now 4, and the best shots at the early time were my wife or me holding them both. That by itself can be strong (well, I'm very sentimental about it).

Today I went over some old pictures and I found some very nice ones when they were around 8 months old. Twins very much relate to each other, and that becomes apparent at around this age.

Show some of the pictures, if you can.

Good luck,


Feb 7, 2005
You know... I never have any pre-planned shoots. I just play the angles and fly by the seat of my pants during my photo sessions - just a kind of go with the flow type of thing.

I find that shooting a pre-planned pose makes it all so much more difficult, as babies never want to cooperate.

Anyways, you prolly don't wanna take my advice anyways... There's a reason my photos aren't very good.

Good luck with your shoot, I'd love to see what you come up with.

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