?? on ballhead installation

May 2, 2005
Madison, AL
I've gotten my tripod and ballhead, and have a question or two about installing the ballhead to the tripod. (tripod = Feisol, ballhead = Markins M10)

I'll try to explain this, but can post pictures later if needed.
The center post has a threaded stud (for screwing on the ballhead) attached to the end of it. The tripod comes with a round plate that fits over this stud and is attached with a nut. The theaded stud sticks out above the plate a little bit but doesn't leave much room for attaching the ballhead.
Is this plate supposed to be removed when attaching a head? I think the answer is yes, but just wanted to be sure.

Also, are you supposed to use any sort of lock-tite (non permanent) to keep the ballhead from unscrewing itself when panning?

EDIT: After looking at it some more, I've found that the threaded stud can unscrew from the center post, to effectively raise itself up. The nut then tightens on top of it to fix the stud. This gives more of the stud poking up above the plate. If it is unscrewed enough, you can raise it so that there enough threads sticking above the plate for attaching the ballhead.
So it looks like both methods would work, but I'd like to know if one is 'more correct' than the other.

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