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on-line accounts - any favourites?

Discussion in 'General Technical Discussion' started by TerribleTwins, Jul 15, 2007.

  1. Hoping to set myself up with an online account in the near future. 3 primary uses for it:

    1) Post pictures into Nikon Cafe threads:smile:
    2) Albums for family in the UK to see photo's (we live in the USA)
    3) slowly develop it into a website.

    In looking at peoples' posts here, 3 names seen to come up frequently - Smugmug, flickr & pbase

    Any pros' or cons about these or are they all as good as each other, in which case it will come down to persona taste.

    Are there any others that should be considered.

    thoughts, comments appreciated.
  2. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    I like pbase best.
    Simple for me
    23 dollars for 400 megs.
    My shots on the net are only about 100-150 k.
    I have over 600 pics up there and could post to it forever I think,

    there are may ways to configure it
  3. genera


    Oct 6, 2005
    I'm committed to SmugMug for now but if I was just starting out I would probably go with Zenfolio. They offer very clean professional looking galleries, navigation is straight forward, and images always seem to load quickly. Prices are quite reasonable too.
  4. I am a long time user of Pbase and it has been super. I like the many different layouts that can be used there. Posting to the Cafe is simple. I have had over 700K visitors to my website.
  5. I'm possibly in the minority here on the forum, but I use (and am more than happy with) Photobucket. It's free, easy to use, and does what I want.
  6. I have accounts at pBase, Smugmug and Zenfolio. Each is good in its own way. It took me a while to learn my way around pBase and I tend not to use that account too much. I have been using Smugmug for the past several years and only recently signed up with Zenfolio. Of the three, Zenfolio seems to be quickest to load and I like the way it displays galleries. The price is very reasonable, too.
  7. I agree with Connie...Zenfolio gets my vote. Will be establishing an account with them in the next few days...need to start posting some photos. For $25 you get 1GB; not too shabby.
  8. For one reason or another I ended up with both Zenfolio and Smugmug. Smugmug's resizing and compression in some respects is better than Zenfolio, in some ways Zenfolio is better than Smugmug. I posted some of my test images in another thread here. You can also sign up for a trial account on both services and see which one you like.
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  9. Thanks everyone for their advice - have checked out the Zenfolio site - looks interesting - hope to give it a try in the coming weeks.

    One question that does puzzle me though is that some sites advertise the fact that their storage services can act as a backup in case of hard drives crashing - I know both Zenfolio & Smugmug mention it in their blurb. I haven't yet figured this out, as the size of file usually uploaded for web purposes is usually on the small size & low resolution (72 DPI) - how do these files effectively replace your raw or tiff originals in the event of a hard drive crashing - as you can probably tell - am not that web savvy when it comes to uploading images etc.

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  10. Another vote here for Zenfolio David! I've been very pleased with them and their dynamic image scaling depending on the size of your browser window is simply amazing and works perfectly. They also have an absolute first rate slide show and at $40 U.S. per year for the pro account, you get unlimited storage and you can even map your own custom domain name. Cheers!

  11. First off, the DPI doesn't change the on-screen resolution. A 2000-pixel wide image at 72dpi looks the same as a 2000-pixel wide image at 1000dpi. My Nikon images are naturally at 300dpi and I leave them that way, my olympus files are at 144, etc. Printing is a different story.

    Second, as far as I know none of the sites accept RAW/.NEF files. Somewhere in their FAQs they should list the exact files, but they're usually jpg, bmp, tif, png, and gif files.

    Finally, both Zenfolio and Smugmug resize your images to different sizes. Zenfolio offers several sizes, I think Smugmug is limited to 3 plus the original size. Both services let you limit whether people can download the original files. That's why I did the experimentation I did in that other thread. Some resizing and compression techniques/settings are better than others. I've found that uploading a full size image does not always yield a crisp 640-pixel wide image after they resize it. Usually they're very good, it just depends on the image.

    Example: click here to see a picture of a boat I took awhile back with my D70. My original file was 1280 pixels wide. Right-click on the image then click "show link to photo". You'll see a menu of links to different size examples of the same image. I only uploaded the original 1280x image, Zenfolio did the rest. Smugmug's method is similar.

    So if you want to use them as a "backup" service you can upload your original full-size images (except RAW/NEF) and they'll have them filed away for you. Smugmug will even let you order a DVD backup of your images if you want.
  12. Hesperus

    Hesperus Guest

    I dabbled a bit with them all - didnt really give any of them enough time to be fair to them ... but I have a flickr site. I think Flickr doesn't do your photos justice but is easy to share, has great groups and the online community are good for sharing comments etc. It is nice to have your own url - your own website. I found it time consuming and am still not happy with the results by any means - but one option is to purchase your web address (www.godaddy.com) and hosting - then upload pixelpost. There are some very nice 'photoblogs' out there using pixelpost - mine is not a great example - www.ronanoneill.com/pixelpost. There is an easy enough tutorial on www.pixelpost.org if you have the time and patience and think it is worth it. Just my thoughts on this one!
  13. I use phanfare. I have been very happy with them and it is unlimited storage with the only limit of 20megs per image and it is $45.00 a year. http://www.phanfare.com

  14. Doug


    Jan 17, 2006
    East TN
    David, your backups are not true archivable backups of RAW/NEF. So, the permenant record status of any of these would depend on your definition thereof. Of course, smugmug (personal experience) will save a large file at max JPG resolution. Theoretically if you did ALL raw processing before saving as JPG, and never wanted to change it, it's a prety darn good backup. But as we all know, we like to maintain that flexibility to change something in the future. The only way is saving your own archivable RAW/NEF DNG file.

    But at least in the event of a catastrophic failure, you would have something of your photos.

  15. Well, on Phanfare I download my Tiff's to them, not jpg's, so they really do have my original. Most all of my converted NEF's are saved as Tiff's.

  16. Thanks

    Thanks for the Info - I did check out the file types at Zenfolio - no raw file types supported, but it looks like one can upload tiffs, but the file size is limited to only 10MB - a RAW NEF file from my D200 is 15MB!, so will have to play around with the system.

  17. On Phanfare the file size limit is 20MB.

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