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  1. While visiting family and friends back east, we stopped for a few hours in Gettysburg, PA, and the battlefield monument. I will admit that I know very little about civil war battlefields, but I do know that the events at Gettysburg were crucial. We saw the battlefield itself ...
    Gettysburg 1.

    And also spent some time in the museum and visitor center. I was overwhelmed a bit by the "Cyclorama" 360º painting that I understand dates from the 1800's.

    Gettysburg 2.

    The detail was amazing as was the description of what was depicted. Again, I am woefully unqualified to comment much about the battlefield, but if the area was closer, I have a feeling I would spend a lot more time learning about this critical phase of our history.

    We spent a night in Lexington, KY, and in the morning as we were heading out to the freeway and looking for a gas station we found ourselves in what appeared to be a pricey little neighborhood of horse farms. We rounded one corner and found ourselves looking at a .... castle?

    Lexington KY.

    The signs indicated it was some sort of event center/hotel/high end restaurant!! Not expecting that!!

    Later, after leaving Amarillo, TX, we stopped at the "famous" Cadillac Ranch.

    Cadillac Ranch (1).

    Cadillac Ranch.

    This was one of several well known spots on Route 66 that we visited. Another was the Blue Swallow in Tucumcari, NM.

    Blue Swallow Motel.

    Timing prevented us from doing the locale justice.

    Next up was a key series of stops that was really the focus of our trip home.

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    How cool is this? Your photos are wonderful and I’m totally jealous!
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  3. You should have altered your route to go by Carhenge, in Alliance Nebraska and the Stonehenge Replica/memorial in Goldendale, WA :D :D :D 

    Collect all 3 in one trip and you get a prize!
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    Ken, you show some fond memories of Rt66.
    I travelled it 20 years ago...

    Kind regards
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