On the roadside

I am pretty quiet with twin one year old boys taking up my time but last weekend I squeezed in a trip to Pakwach about 100km from where we live in Gulu.. Pakwach is on the Nile and just before crossing the Nile the road passes along the edge of Uganda’s biggest National Park, Murchison Falls and animals are a common sight. On the return leg we had to stop as two elephants crossed the road... then we drove by slowly and this one gave me a good look as I poked my 7200 with 70-200 out the window.... interestingly a UK photographer I know through Adobe has a photo of what looks like the same elephant taken 3 years ago!!!
Thank you all for the kind responses

Here are our boys at 15 months now!!
Ocen is in the orange top with Opiyo in the green in the pic without the cups.