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  1. I spent last weekend in Charleston, South Carolina. It is a great place to have a camera; but, I did not have a chance to get out for much shooting. So, on sunday morning, I decided to grab a few shots on the way from my hotel room to the hotel dining room for breakfast.





  2. Escher lived the, right?

    Good job Cliff!
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    Nice Cliff
    Looks like an older place.
    Sometime they are very nice to stay at
  4. Thank you, Nick. Do you mean Escher the graphic artist? I thought he was European. I am not aware of anyone, of note, named Escher, associated with Charleston.
  5. Thanks, Gale. Yes, this is quite an old place. It was built in the 1830s, as armory, usually referred to as the Old Citadel. It is now an Embassy Suites Hotel. The first 3 shots show what is now used as an atrium. It, originally, was the open, central courtyard of the Citadel. When converting the building to a hotel, they just covered it with a glass roof. The last two shots were taken in the small courtyard, where I ate my breakfast.