On watches and the 85PC: Girard-Perregaux Opera Two

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  1. Shot with three speedlights, D2HS, 85PC and extension tubes. Enjoy! :)









  2. Those are some sweet products shots!! I love them all, they are exceptional!
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    Apr 30, 2005
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    Splendid images and beautiful timepiece.

    Great work.

    NAWCC #0083087
  4. YES yes yes ! I knew that the PC lenses were very usefull to control DOF, but this one ALSO looks extremely sharp !

    ...although i beleive that it needs quite some time to "master" the exact amount of tilt and shift to get such result as on you #1 pic !

    Nice piece of "minute-repeater" BTW...

  5. Fantastic! That gives an idea of what the 85PC can do. I have not yet used it for product shots like these but even in standard macro stuff it excells in sharpness.

  6. That is a serious watch Ming! I am a Breitling boy myself, but this one is beautiful as are your pictures of it.
  7. Thanks everybody! I actually did a load more for GP...will post soon! :)

  8. What is an 85 PC?
  9. The 85/2.8 tilt-shift micro nikkor, of course! :biggrin:

  10. Very nice product shots, Ming! I would love to have that lens for macro work.

    Johnny, the 85 PC is a tilt shift macro lens. Its a very sharp and highly rated lens that allows you to adjust it to bring a plane that is not parallel to the camera mount face into focus. Here is a link to Nikon Canada's site for the lens description:

  11. Thanks Dennis. The only catch is that it only goes to 1:2; however, this is easily rectified by extension tubes :biggrin:

  12. Nice lighting, detail, beautiful watch. Really nice work on all of these. The 6th one gives such a feeling of movement.
  13. Thank you. They're for an exhibition by the manufacturer at the end of next year, so it looks like I won't get crucified when I submit my images later :biggrin:

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    Very well done Ming..
  15. Very inspiring Ming!
  16. Thanks guys! More to come, I photographed about nine watches in three hours...manic session.