Once upon a time (9 Pics)

There was a bustling mill village called Johnsonville that manufactured twine in the early 19th century located in CT (Part of East Haddam CT to be precise). This 61 acre site consists of numerous buildings dating from the 1700's to the 1900's. In the 1960's the property was purchased by Raymond Schmitt who kept the mill operational until a fire in the 1970's caused by a lightning strike. Mr Schmitt maintained a host of structures on this site and actually moved some old buildings onto the property, he had a church, victorian stable, post office, schoolhouse etc. This was all private property and within the stores were his collection of antiques in his own private village. He died in 1998 and aparently had no heirs since the town of Haddam has been struggling what to do with the property for years, it would make a great location for a "Little house on the prarie" type of show but alas all the buildings are now starting to suffer from lack of attention. Below are some pics of this very interesting piece of property. - Jeff

Here are a few of the church...
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Waterfall with a bridge...
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A home built in the mid 1700's
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A few pics showing portions of the post office building...
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Love the old glass (Notice how the reflected image is distorted)
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Hope you enjoyed the shots- Jeff
Very nice all around
As Robert said the last one in unique.
The window looks like a painting. Framed for you
Nice series. Yes, that last one is special. I would have even cropped it so that only the window with the reflection were left.

Picniced in Haddam last autumn, and just drove by last night on way to dinner in Ivoryton. That's a beautiful part of a beautiful state you are shooting in. Thanks for the pictures, which are nicely shot. I've got to look up the village....didn't know of it.
Hi Robert, Thanks for viewing, I like the last one the best as well. Will have to go back later in the year when there are leaves on the trees, I'm sure fall would be great out there. - Jeff
Hi Fred, The last time I went thru the village was in the winter many years ago, at that time there were antiques in the store and carriages outside and the paddlewheeler was out on the pond (now gone). It truly breaks my heart to see it slowly fall apart. Thanks for the link to the tribute, the man certainly loved the town of East Haddam. - Jeff
Hi Gail, Mike & Harry (x2), Thanks for viewing, I am definately going to crop that last one a bit and get a print made, it is different for sure. What a pain it was to find this place, at least I wrote down some directions this time :). - Jeff

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