Oncology on Canvas: Expression of a Woman's Cancer Journey

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  1. This competition was open to women from around the world diagnosed with cancer, their families and friends, as well as healthcare professionals involved in their care. The winner is Catalina Aroch Fugellie from Mexico. Some the entries (paintings and photographs) can be viewed online from the link below. I don't have any association with the drug firm sponsoring this event, and just want to share these fine pieces of art with you. As an oncologist, I find many of the entries very powerful and am deeply moved. Please take time to look at them.


    'This Art Exhibition displays selected entries from the Oncology on Canvas International Art Competition. Through this forum, women, their loved ones and caregivers express their struggles and successes in battling their disease. Individuals have chosen to share these artistic expressions in hopes of encouraging others in their own journeys. Please know that some of the artwork contains nude depictions of the human body, partial and full, expressed in painting and photography.'
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    Apr 30, 2005


    Thank you for providing this information.
  3. Yes, thanks.

    The insight in this one, while accurate, is a bit disconcerting...the missing part over the hidden nodules.....

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