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May 21, 2019
Albuquerque, NM USA
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If a thread is fully read already (not bold in the list), clicking it goes to its post#1. If the thread has unread replies (is bold in the list), clicking it takes you to the first unread post, which could be 4 pages in. When you are there, deep into a thread, is there a quick way to go back to post#1? I ask because the new Best 5 threads can have comments that could be pages deep, but I have to go back to post#1 to remind myself of the photos we are talking about.
Sep 13, 2007
Northern VA suburb of Washington, DC
The following applies regardless of which post you happen to be reading in a thread that has multiple pages: Near the left edge of the window, the thread's page numbers are displayed immediately above the first post and immediately below the last post of the page you are on. Click the number indicating page 1 to automatically take you to that page.

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