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One Confirmation Of D700 AF Performance...

Discussion in 'Nikon FX DSLR Forum' started by vinman, Jul 27, 2008.


    Since this review first appeared there has been some discussion and debate as to why I didn't mention the D700's autofocus performance. The reason is simple – just as with the sensor and autoexposure system, the D700's autofocus is identical to that of the D3, so there really isn't anything new to say. People seem to be looking for problems and issues where there really aren't any.

    Via Luminous-Landscape.


    Pretty much echoes all the comments I've heard suggesting AF ws the same as the D3 and then punctuates with a giant !
  2. I don't believe it. I am not saying they are wrong I just want to here about shooting bif with a long telephoto with tcs on it. If they find no difference there I will believe it. But, without saying what they did ... I don't think they did anything to test it - just said same af system and sensor - we have been saying here in other threads that the processing motor is very import to af of rapidly moving smallish objects.
  3. Everyone has to justify their purchase by bantering on a discussion forum or posting their two cents worth on their webpage in 'review' form.

    I wish folks would just go shoot with the thing, post some high iso examples and give me a fix before mine comes in this week. :rolleyes: 
  4. Nuteshack

    Nuteshack Guest

    lol Brian ..."give me a fix" ...gosh, i hear ya....;-)
  5. Hokum


    Jun 20, 2006
    Pennines UK
    I dont want to be bursting any bubbles... but my experience today with TC's was not reassuring for BIF with TC's.
  6. Huh?
    There's been lots of whining about a lack of any direct comparison between the 3/700. I like the LL site a lot and saw the review update. Since I don't consider Reichmann a panderer, I'll take this as a credible opinion. I, for one, don't need to justify anything. There's no arguing that the 700 will be an upgrade to my 200 - if in no other area except dynamic range.
  7. And I don't mean to attempt to diminish your experience, but it IS a Sigma TC with taped pins...

    I think I'll see what others have to say regarding long glass with Nikkor TCs, or at least ones designed to be 100% compatible...
  8. with the d700? That is what I feared.
  9. I really have no plans to buy an fx camera - unless it has a 10-12 mp crop. I am not whining.

    However, as can mean many different things. The D300 is very good except in this one area. The D3 is quicker. We birders want to know about this one area. I want a post by a birder who shoots with and without tcs and has used the D300 and the D3 - who can tell me whether the D700 aquires focus lock on fas moving birds like the D3 or D300 - very specific, but very important to some of us.
  10. My D3 does very well in poor lighting. The D700 has a focusing light, I wonder why?:confused:  I'll know tomorrow when mine arrives. MR shoots mostly static subjects, as Allan said, try BIF. I am not saying either way but BIF is a good test which will certainly show more than shooting a tree.
  11. I'm curious about this also, as I'm also primarily an action shooter.

    Can anyone confirm if the D700 shares the AF mechanical and electrical subsystems of the D300? Else the D3?

    That EN-EL3E stock battery may be the definitive clue, unfortunately.
  12. I think you nailed it. If you compare a D3 and a D300/D700 from the top, the switches on the left knob are different than the D3. They obviously use a different flex circuit board. I'm betting the D700 is closer to the D300 electronics than the D3. The D3 operates from an 11.1 volt battery, the D700 from a an EN-EL3e at 7.1. I would think that when more power is installed in the MB-D10, they reduce the voltage so as not to make toast out of the circuitry.
  13. GeneC, I'm thinking we are both correct.

    That doesn't bode well for us APS-C 'sports-shooters' (NB: Allen Rube, JF, et al) if the Nikon marketeers think we are not deserving of a crop-sensor body that rates their premier AF capability.

    The D700 fills nothing more than a 35mm equivalent marketing slot. The D300 clearly excels it for DX reach, but the D700 falls far short of the landscapers' high-MP (D3X?) body.

    Just My Opinion, of course.
  14. I am looking to the future. If the D700 had the focusing I want then I could "hope" for a D3X than would be a DX 16 mp camera - with better AF. That was slim at best. Now I can wait for a D3X 24 mp fx with a 10-13 mp DX mode - but since I am not making a living with my camera - probably will not be able to afford it.
  15. PPPOEx


    Jan 13, 2008
    I don't have the D3 but D300, one thing I can confirm is that D700 AF performance is better than D300 when I use AF lens(85mm F1.4, 20-35mm F2.8..etc). D300 is ..mm.. "hesitate" in the low light area.(for sure, the AF assistant light function of these two cameras is off).

    From my point of view, NIKON never exactly released the flagship tech. to second level camera, they just "looks like" the same. And the performance is different.
  16. Hokum


    Jun 20, 2006
    Pennines UK
    So its ok that my £200 D40 and last gen D2X work fine with it and the D700 doesnt?
  17. Same was claimed with the D300.... not saying they are wrong, just that the possibilities that they are is high.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 28, 2008
  18. Dude, I don't believe it. There's just no way they ported over the same AF accuracy as the D3 on the D700. It has to be D300 tech inside.

    The D300 is good to a certain point, but on long-telephotos it just can't properly lock on low contrast areas and/or areas with little background separation. The D2X still excelled in this area. We need some bird or sports photographers to confirm AF accuracy and speed.
  19. I posted about the sub-par D300 AF on day one (and naturally got flamed for it over on DPR), but for me the AF hestitancy and AF lock issues were very apparent (I'd come off a month shooting with a D2X)

    I think its naive to expect the D700 to peform like a D3. Maybe it will.. but I am expecting it to be more D300 like (unfortunately!)

    I don't really trust Lumimous Landscape anyway for credible reviews after the Leica M8 debacle.

    I don't think they are qualified to test this, I don't think they HAVE tested this (therefore should refrain from commenting) and I don't think setting up controlled AF tests is easy anyhow, especially for that site.
  20. fks


    Apr 30, 2005
    sf bay area
    from bjorn's D700 diary on nikongear:

    "i can detect no difference in AF performance from the D3. If there *is* a difference, it could well be on an academic level."

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