One from last night - HS Football

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  1. Here is the shot the paper used last night. It's a QB keeper he ran for a touchdown. Anyway, it was slightly OOF, which I somewhat corrected with the USM. Still the quality of the shot is bad. Good enough for the paper, perhaps, but nowhere near sellable. On a sidenote, WB seems off as well. I used flash, but it just looks wrong. C&C and pointers are welcome.

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    Sep 24, 2008
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    Best advice is shoot raw and correct WB in post. I know a couple guys who shoot flash with their WB on shade. I did it once. The colors were better than this, but I still changed them.

    Not sure what your settings are, but I'm seeing motion blurr. Be sure you are not using high speed sync with your flash. Set to 1/250, leave your shutter there and adjust aperture and iso so you are underexposed 1 to 2 stops without the flash. Add the flash and it should stop your action.

    With the SB-600, you may need to wait for the action to get a little closer to you as it doesn't throw light as far as some other flashes.
  3. Only one comment. I guess this one's pretty bad.
  4. I wouldn't bother messing with a flash too much personally, the D300 has great ISO performance, I'm sure you can freeze the action at 3200 ISO easily, maybe even less.

    I agree, shoot RAW and adjust WB later. Or learn how to set a custom white balance on the go, the D300 manual explains that pretty well.

    Good luck!
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    I have yet to find a HS field in NC where the above statement applies College yes better lights
    HS Use flash and hope for the best
    Or get a D3 and A 400mm 2.8
    Perhaps you could post some examples of HS football at ISO 3200 from a D300 would love to see them