One Good Tern Deserves a ReDo ....

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  1. UPDATE #3: Image cache has now expired, the "good" versions now display. If you had not seen the old ones, you are lucky ;). The joys of technology.

    UPDATE #2: I received a message from Amin explaining why my "good looking" images are not yet showing up, here is the answer, So Sayeth Amin:
    "I can explain what is happening. Our server temporarily caches images which are served from non-https hosting so they can be reserved as https (rather than http) to avoid insecure browser content warnings. The cache clears after a week. In the meanwhile, if you want to replace the image, it has to have a new URL on your site (different file name would work).

    If your site were https instead of http, our server wouldn't cache the images at all."

    I decided to be tricky my site allows me to just replace the image, hence no change of URL. So, to see the "better looking" ones, use the link in the UPDATE below.

    UPDATE: Already an update, there seems to be an issue of caching the old images, hopefully will be sorted soon. The "good ones" are Here.

    We often have Terns flying about locally, usually staying higher than we like, but still fun to shoot. By chance, next time it will be on purpose, I happened to be photographing some Great Blue Herons with chicks at a local spot where Terns fly when the tide started coming in. Next thing I know, about 2 dozen Terns are feeding, up close and personal, well, at least for Terns. The first one is just a simple fly-by with fish-in-mouth.

    1. Fish in mouth fly-by:

    Here are a few from the last sequence of the day, it starts when the Tern comes out of the water with a fish.

    2. Successful Catch!

    This next shot is one of the neatest things I see Terns do to orient the fish for "fine dining"

    3. Mid-air flip or Flying Fish

    4. Just gliding along

    For such a pretty bird, they sure have a horrible song.
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    Great flip shot!!!!!
  3. Nice shooting!

    Could probably say that about me too :eek::rolleyes::LOL:
  4. Randy


    May 11, 2006
    #3 wow
  5. Taken when the bird first sighted Bill and opened his mouth to sing to him:rolleyes::D
  6. Randy


    May 11, 2006
    More likely to yell some old man insult his way
  7. Thank you all for the kind words.

    And a special thanks to Nick and Randy. I don't know why, but I am feeling generous here at the end of my Father's Day ;)

    I hope you looked at the ones I fixed, and not just these that look a bit like, well, they embarrass even me .....
  8. Randy


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    I did wonder about that 1st version but I felt generous so I came back for a 2nd look
  9. Randy, glad you took a second look and followed the link. The image cache has now expired, and the "good" versions are showing up now.