One lens, one subject, one light....(55mm micro)

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  1. All images straight from camera (fuji S2) Nikkor 55mmf2.8 micro (acquired today from ebay), mounted on Gitzo CF tripod, & an A5 envelope (phone bill!) used as a reflector.
    No photoshop/manipulation, simply resized them for web.

    Well the subject is the light, after all:

    tried to vary angles, exposure, lighting/shading, to obtain these abstract images. Some of them look as though tey came from one of Bjorn's IR photo sessions :biggrin:

    Here ya go:

    How's this for a yin-yang
    View attachment 20663

    Did Galileo have one of these?
    View attachment 20664

    This is my images, not one of Bjorn's :biggrin: :
    View attachment 20665

    Another angle, had a cramped arm 'cos of this one:
    View attachment 20666

    Depth of field study or what:
    View attachment 20667

    More on my pbase site:

    regards to all the group,
  2. Beautiful work! Love the DOF control. And the bokeh ain't half bad either :biggrin:

  3. Glad you liked them, Ming

    I tried to look at your galleries on your site, Ming.

    but I was given a 'Page not found' by AOL. Any help?

    Re. the 55mm micro: bokeh isn't bad at all, & OOF highlights in the near background are rendered quite OK:

    Another example:
    View attachment 20669

    Something which the famous AF28mmf1.4 is poor at: its rendering of OOF highlights in the near background, especially small light sources/reflections is poor (although in general its bokeh is very good)
    That made it a no-choice to me, especially considering the high price tag.

    Ron Reznick was right about this lens: edge to edge sharpness at all distances & apertures.
    A close-up taken today (2nd day with the lens):
    View attachment 20670
    Even in this one, bokeh is very acceptable.


  4. Hmm, that's odd. My site works fine for me...

    I've been trying to tell myself that the 30/1.4 HSM is an acceptable substitute for the 28/1.4, but it isn't really, is it? =P I do see what you mean about bad near-background highlights though. I find my 55/1.2 does the same if you're not careful with it. The 85PC is awesome though :D

  5. Ming, your galleries inspire me....

    Yes, I managed to see the photos on your site.....some really inspiring work, my dear friend!

    you manage to combine styles effectively, framing to get your vision other words, you surely have "the eye", Ming!

    Such as the pure natural beauty in this landscape, combined with perpective compression (long lens?), framed to achieve a pleasing & serene geometry that really captures the ESSENCE & tranquility of the scene:

    Keep it up...I'm happy to have met you Ming: you must post more of your work!

    regards from Malta (EU)

  6. Nice stuff there CM. A fine lens will get treated like it deserves! best...Peter
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