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One of my favorites from the D300 + 17-55

Discussion in 'People' started by Edrod13, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. I was in San Diego for convention and we decided to go see the city in the afternoon. Every once in a while I get a bit discouraged with the focal length of my 17-55. If I shoot wide then there is a bit of distortion, or I wish I had a little more reach so I wouldn't have to get so close. Then a shot like this comes along and it reminds me why the 17-55 never leaves my D300. There is some blown highlights and maybe a few other technical issues, but it is a very special capture regardless of the flaws. The 17-55 is really is a great lens and for those of you on the fence about getting it, just do it!! its expensive but worth every penny.

    Sofia starring at a musician while he was playing the guitar
  2. shtarka1


    Feb 1, 2008
    Crop Out The Distracting Gentleman In The Background & You've Got A Perfect 10 Of The Beautiful Sofia!
  3. Steve,

    Thanks for the feedback. I do see how the crop would totally make this a better pic, but how does this work in the real world. For instance: I can crop the gentleman out for web viewing and there we have a great capture. Now lets say this was a paid job, which it is not since I do this for fun and she is my daughter. Since she takes up half of the frame, what realistic size pic could I get if I just cropped her. Could I pull a high quality 8x10? or bigger? I notice that many CC here have to do with how an image is cropped, but are we talking about two different animals when it comes to web viewing or a final print? I am still a newbie and have been thinking about this for quite some time. I guess now is my chance to ask this question that I have hestitated to do for so long. Thanks

  4. i understand what you are saying, eddie
    but..... that's why learning post-processing skills is paramount to any successful digital-based photography business

    in this picture.... sofia is gorgeous, but that guy, leaning on the counter.... RUINS THE IMAGE....

    learning how to "deal" with THAT issue while maintaining the proper aspect ratio of the image is your challenge here

    so, for this image
    crop out that guy and you are left with an 8x10 portrait-oriented image
    or some SQUARE SHOOTER image that Uncle Frank shows us
  5. [​IMG]

    Here is a cropped version of the pic. My question would be, can I still get some decent print from just half of the actual full resolution pic since she only takes up half of the frame. Thats what I am not sure about and hope someone can clarify. Since I am a new to this, I would hestitate to crop that heavy because I might not be able to get a decent 4x6. I know that I can crop heavily and still have a decent looking image to post here for everyone to CC. I hope this makes sense. Thanks

    Gregg, It seems that I missed this
    So you think I can still get a decent 8x10 of just her? How much will the IQ be taxed? Interesting
  6. yes......
    you have done well
    that image is VASTLY SUPERIOR
    AND i am SURE that you can get more than a decent 8x10 of just her

    well done
  7. and........
    DLSR images properly pp'd and saved at full resolution have MUCH MORE THAN ENOUGH resolution left over to be 1/2 cropped

    you could still get a 24x30 out of that image that would look very nice.... i promise
  8. As mentioned a gazzillion times here, I shoot for fun or for my kids. As such for my purposes, Costco is where I get all my prints made. They have great prices and the quality is good enough for what I do. I just might try and get an 8x10 out of this and I will report back to see what I was able to come up with. Thanks Greg!!
  9. Next time, just turn the camera to portrait orientation to crop the guy out, and be left with a full resolution image. I still agree with Greg. You will easily be able to make a very nice 8x10 print... even at Costco.
  10. LindaZ


    Jul 29, 2007
    Wilmington, NC
    Sometimes with 8x10 crops, it's better to rotate the crop so it's more of a portrait style.

  11. KG72

    KG72 Guest

    Nice shot of a cute little lady.

    I gotta agree with the others. It looks better after you cropped the guy out of it.
  12. Thanks everyone!

    Linda, I do like that portrait crop and will most likely go that route when I get this printed. I guess with my kids I am so worried about getting the shots I want because they will not stay still, that I forgo any type of composition. Sometimes I settle and just take what I can get. Thanks again
  13. I think the crop has enhanced the photo of your daughter...Lovely daughter by the way.
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