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One SB-800 as remote

Discussion in 'People' started by Electromen, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. On Easter Sunday I was showing my son how to use an SB-800 as a remote.
    I used the biult-in flash of the D200 to trigger the SB-800.
    My son held the SB-800 off to the side with the Nikon diffuser attached.
    Not bad for one flash.

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  2. Good job Greg, you will find more and more uses for the SB800 used this way. The neat thing is you can control the amount of light remotely.
  3. Great job Greg. CLS has tremendous potential and virtualy no limits
  4. Dumb question #1.
    Without me digging out the manual. Can the SB 600 do the same thing?
    Nice shot btw!
  5. Thanks Gordon and Dave.
    When I use CLS I'm normally using three SB-800s and most times don't have shadows. After this shot using just one, I'm going to experiment more with them and try to get better. It's almost like having a mobile studio.

    Jim, Yes the SB-600 can do this. Since I don't own one I'm not sure of the exact settings
  6. Gordon,

    I know you use the SU-800.
    I've been using the SB-800 as master and the other two as remotes.
    What advantages to you see with the SU-800, convince me to buy one.
    Thanks for your help.
  7. Greg, what a great shot...very nice. I love CLS for improptu shots like this.
  8. There are several advantages to the use of an SU800 as follows:
    1. It frees up one of your SB800's so that you can use it as a hair light.
    2. The SU800 communicates with invisible IR instead of preflashes like the SB800. This has the potential of eliminating the blink of people with sensitive eyes.
    3. Because you have the flash off camera you no longer need to worry about reflection in glasses.
    4. You do not need a bracket on your camers in order to get the flash high enough to eliminate red eye.
    5. The SU800 is much lighter than the flash and bracket; hence, it is easier to use.
    6. You do not need to orient your on camera flash for horizontal or verticle images.
    7. The SU800 has a published distance over which it will work that is twice that of the SB800. I have found that to be conservative and have used it at 90 ft with good effect.
    8. Both the SB800 and SU800 are line of sight but the SU800 defies that because it will bounce off of walls and around corners. It defies all logic by working fine with the flash inside of an enclosed softbox. Don't ask me how it does this but I have never had it not fire the flash.

    OK, that was just off the top of my head, there are probably others.

  9. OK, I'm convinced. I was fairly sure I wanted it just by seeing some of your work using it. I'll order it this month.
    thank you,
  10. Mart61


    Dec 23, 2006
    Camberley, UK
    Hi there and yes it can. I was using my 600 to shoot smoke at the weekend and had it off to the side, triggered by the D80s Commander Mode.

    It's all in the manual...

  11. Thanks John, Improptu is exactly what is was.
    No planning, just "here's how it works"
    I was surprised at the results from just one flash.
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