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One word to sum up NikonCafe: Community

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Candidcameraman, Jun 29, 2008.

  1. I met for the first time TristanCardew and spent a whole long afternoon with him discussing among other things photography :biggrin:

    I had the luck to be able to go to the Alabama Annual GTG and this little mini GTG today reaffirmed the high quality of the people attracted to this site. What a great guy... I met and became friends with so many people through this site that - yes, I am glad I am part of this community that is the NikonCafe. :biggrin:

    Wish Dao, Frits, Connie, Larry, Mason, Patrick, Leigh, Greg, Rich, etc., ... I wish I could type all the names here ... Had been here with us today but alas you all couldn't be here as we all have obligations and other important things to attend to as such I deemed it necessary to share a few of the images I took today and one I found on my D3 that Tristan took of me ... you guessed it... Chimping!!!! Woooo the infamy but we all chimp... :wink: (I hope)

    So direct from Paris here are a few more images - wish you could all have been here... But I would have told you to get your own bottle of wine! :biggrin:

    So what do photographers do when they get together... Take pictures of each other of course... So here's Tristan

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    View attachment 216829


    View attachment 216830

    View attachment 216831

    View attachment 216832

    View attachment 216833

    View attachment 216834

    View attachment 216835

    Me... Chimping...

    View attachment 216836

    Tristan again

    View attachment 216837

    A few more pictures

    View attachment 216838

    View attachment 216839

    View attachment 216840

    Showcasing the 35/1.4 ... DOF at 1.4 both images below

    View attachment 216841

    View attachment 216842

    Showcasing the D3 at iso 4000 and that's a jpeg image straight from the camera captured inside Notre-Dame de Paris basilica! (Would someone call Ripley's Believe it or not!!!!)

    View attachment 216843

    A 100% of a 50/1.4 capture - I was three feet away from her...

    View attachment 216844

    And about this strange image here, there is a story below...

    View attachment 216846

    The guy is from Dalas, comes up to us and asked, "Do any of you have a fisheye lens?" Eerrrr he does I said as I pointed to Tristan.

    Turns out he was in Paris a couple of years ago with his other daughter and wanted a picture like he had with his other daughter which had been captured with a fisheye lens and asked Tristan to get one for him with Notre-Dame in the background... And voila the weird photo pose for this shot - pretty neat idea, he takes his kids to trips when they have good grades... Can I go back to school and will you be my daddy *batting my eyelashes* I mean how cool is that and what a great incentive and idea!
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  2. LindaZ


    Jul 29, 2007
    Wilmington, NC
    Great, this was fun! :smile:
  3. Patrick, these are grand. Of all the memories I have of our European trips the street life remains among my most favorite. The outdoor cafe's, sitting at a small table just watching the folks go by. A pity we in the U.S. have never learned to get into this past time. Of course with our compulsive rushing everywhere "multitasking" who has time to stop and people watch? Sad.

    Thanks for sharing. I fully intend to make it to Paris within the next few years. If you can make it to England or Scotland June/July 2009 we certainly can arrange a time and place to meet. And anyone else, for that matter!
  4. what an awesome thread
    how terrific that you two could get together

    i'm so glad you posted these
    one day we shall shoot together.... i promise
  5. Whoever he is, he needs to get a haircut...

    No really, it was a great day out. Patrick is one smooth operator - I highly recommend meeting up and sharing a bottle of wine together if he's ever in your city...(or the same city you're visiting)

    It's awesome to go out, meet someone you've never spoken to before, apart from through forums, and just spend the afternoon with them. I had no idea if we'd spend 15 minutes together, an hour, a couple of hours, or, as it turned out, a large chunk of the afternoon...but it worked really well, and i'm sure Patrick and I will hang out in various other cities around the world at some time or another.

    And, in return, Patrick, a few shots of yourself...:tongue:

    The good old mugshot: 85 f/1.4 (not at 1.4 though)

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    70-200 f/2.8 he kindly leant me for the afternoon..unfortunately not mine :rolleyes: 

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    85 f/1.4 again.

    View attachment 216853
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  7. Leigh


    Feb 19, 2005
    It's so good to see more Cafe' folks meeting up and having a great time. Community is exactly what we are all about. I've met some of the most wonderful people I'll ever know, right here on the Nikon Cafe'.

    Tristan, it's nice to see your smiling face.

    Thank you both for sharing your day together with us.
  8. C'est bon!!

    Aw, I would love to have been with you guys, as it looks as though you had a terrific time together! I know I really enjoyed my time together with you, Dude, in Alabama!!! Already looking forward to next year!!!
  9. Rich,

    First thank you and second I'll surely talk to my girlfriend about Scotland - we had planned to go this September but next summer sounds good to me. Yup, people do take the time to live a little in Europe and Paris is so filled with people from all over that it is a great place to people watch.

    I sure hope so Greg, I saw that post with Rev a while ago, you never know who you will end up meeting when you meet someone for the first time as such you never know how long the meeting will end up being plus if you meet on a work day then you know it will have to be shorter - hope to see you in Alabama next year - re-write *You better be there in Alabama next year :wink:*

    Thank you Linda

    "Smooth Operator" okay good one :cool:  he he he Thank you for the kind words - I wish you'd share some of your sports photography and technique here - I love the way you use flashes and the results you get with flashes.

    P.S.: Tristan is very humble and has been published in sports magazines a few time - a terrific sports shooter if you ask me.

    Thank you

    Thank you Leigh and yes, the people I met through the Cafe are some of the most wonderful people I'll ever know.

    Thank you Connie, I had a great time as well at the GTG!
  10. Taylor


    May 21, 2007
    Toronto, ON
    Looks like fun, and wish I were there with my old-school gear.
  11. Julien


    Jul 28, 2006
    Paris, France
    I was thinking the same thing ! We seem to miss each other every time the Dude makes it to Paris :frown:
  12. Taylor, when are you going to be in Europe?

    Errrr what's your excuse, he's from Australia and you are right here!?! :wink::smile: I know work gets in the way. We actually talked about this today and if I was in Montreal you'd have to come and visit me at my office augh! I work from home... I am now homeless for the next few months... Homeless back in Canada... :rolleyes: 
  13. Ah, I wish I could have been there, too! Mabye one of these days. I have never been to Paris, and Allison really wants to go back.

    I'm glad you had a good mini get-together.
  14. We had a repeat

    And we could probably find a place for you to stay at ... Bummer - forget that new couch and/or that MacBook Pro and come to Paris :wink:

    We had a repeat today and we are going to do night photography later on.

    Lets tittle these two pictures "boys will be boys..."

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    OMG!!! :eek:  OMG!!! He is touching it!!! HE IS TOUCHING THE RUSTED SHEET METAL CALLED ART! Would ya call a Gendarme someone!!! :rolleyes:  Dude I seriously hope you are up to date with your tetanus shots you could catch something touching rusted sheet metal like that without any protection... :tongue:

    View attachment 216857
  15. :tongue::tongue::tongue:
  16. Hahaha.

    Boys will be boys indeed.
  17. more, more, more!!!! LOL.
    I Got yer mail amigo. okeedokee!
  18. dan1son


    Sep 24, 2007
    Great story guys... thanks for posting the pics. There's only one thing... where's the fisheye shot of the people laying on the ground? :smile:
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