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  1. Hello. I keep my own gallery space using Gallery2 software on my own server, so I'm not looking for another commercial site requiring fees. But I am looking for any free hosting like Pbase or Flickr that would be a good place for an online portfolio, to generate a broader audience or help draw attention to my own gallery site.

    The problem with some of these free hosting sites is that they are not really free (Pbase only offers a short trial), or they are littered with advertisements or other non-professional appearances. If I'm just looking for 2ndary photo hosting for smaller collections that won't cost me anything, where would you recommend I look?
  2. Me thinks any free hosting site is going to be full of ads.
    Thats the only revenue they make off the site.
    Have you considered a blog? I'm not sure of size restrictions
  3. Google has one, not sure how it works if you're not using Picasa. I have my own gallery/blog/site and use ExposureManager, but set my kids up w/ their Gmail site as it's easier w/ the Picasa tie-in.

    An interesting site is Tabblo. This site helps you create a "story", a la a blog. Here's one I did last year trying it out. I see that they were purchased by HP, but I don't think they charge, and don't see any evidence of adverts. And they have some nice integration w/ other sites.
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    You may also want to try
  5. My clients and I all use a web host in Seattle called Parcom.NET. If I remember right, the entry level plan is 10GB of storage for $4 a month. That's less than one latte at Starbucks!! NO ads, near 100% reliability and up-time.

    Once you have your own "space" - YOU can do what you want!!

    Yeah, it's not "free," but come on .. $4 a month??


  6. That does sound like a great deal. Although I'm looking for several different places I can put smaller galleries online, just to generate more audience traffic back to my own gallery, which I already pay for and run on my own server. I'm just not looking to spend more money because it doesn't make sense to me. But if I change my mind I'll consider your suggestion. Thanks for letting me know about it!