Online manual for SB800 flash??? update: GOT IT, Thanks

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TOLady, Aug 19, 2005.

  1. I'm shooting a wedding tomorrow and the father of the groom, Bernie Heins of Nextphoto, is loaning me his flash unit to use (he won't be using it in a tux, his wife will kill him if he picks up a camera during the ceremony!! *LOL*). I just want to make sure I'm up to speed and Bernie couldn't find his manual. Anyone can help please!!!???[/b]
  2. Sandi, I doubt that your Fuji has iTTL mode so just shoot in TTL. I use the manual or aperature setting on my camera and control the background by metering on that and setting the EV according to what I want. The flash will take care of you subject. If you have a white ceiling, point your flash at that and pull up your little white card. That gives great fill and puts a nice catchlight in the eyes.

    Sorry I can't help you with an on line manual for the flash. If you have specific questions I would be glad to answer them.
  3. Thanks so much, Ray, exactly what I needed. I just knew someone here would come through for me.

    Thanks Gordon, I'll keep your suggestions in mind. Not sure yet if we have outdoor or indoor wedding at the moment :( I almost always shoot aperture priority and I'll just dial the flash up or down as required. I'm shooting almost all fill flash so I don't overpower, and also have a diffuser dome so will work with that. Good thing Bernie is a very laid back guy - he keeps telling me not to stress the whole thing but it's just my nature!! *LOL*

    If I used flash more I'd get one of these SB800's (using SB22s right now) but for me it would be a complete waste of money as it would only come out of the bag once or twice a year at most. I just don't do flash - swans and herons are quite acceptable of natural lighting - they've never complained! *LOL*