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Only one good arm!! I need a PRIME lens! 30 or 35mm?

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by Edrod13, Jul 14, 2008.

  1. My wife and I play on a co-ed softball team and last night was a nightmare!!! We had a double header and we got spanked on the first game. Being the competitive person that I am, I wasn't about to get beat again so I was playing shortstop as if my life depended on it. Nothing was getting by me and we pulled a couple double plays. We were in the last inning, one out, and up about 6 runs when I decided that I MIGHT be able to run and dive and make the second out. I missed the ball by a couple inches, but I landed on my shoulder and heard something pop. I was in so much pain and could barely move my left arm, but was helped back to the dugout. The next two plays were easy outs and we won the game. Immediately my wife rushed me to the local hospital were an x-ray showed that I fractured my humerus bone where it meets the shoulder. The broken peice has shifted a bit and I see specialist tomorrow at 9:00am to determine if I just need a sling/cast or possibly surgery to ensure that the bone fuses correctly.

    While in the emergency room waiting for the doctor, my wife was upset when I said," How am I going to use my D300 now." :biggrin: the thought of going six weeks without a camera should be the least of my worries, right? Unfortunately I just recently sold my 28-75 and 50mm 1.4 to start saving for a 70-200VR. I physically can't hold the D300 with the 17-55 or 70-300VR since my left arm is useless and cant zoom. So, it looks like my lonely D50 which has been sitting in a camera bag is coming out of retirement. I am going to need a prime so that I can hold the cam with my right hand and zoom with my feet. Now that I have been allowed to rant a little of my frustration away, here is a question for you?

    Sigma 30mm or maybe a Nikon 35mm? I know there is plenty of threads but I would like to hear if you have other suggestions? I just sold the 50mm 1.4, but not sure if I really liked that focal length even though I liked the IQ.

    To top things off yesterday was my 33rd birthday and my first broken bone, but I am just sad that I will have to spend my saved cash on a prime so I can continue to shoot. My nephews play sports and I was really looking forward to a fast telephoto to complete my kit.
  2. OUCH that sounds like it hurts even over here! :eek: 

    I guess this is NOT the time for her to bring out the 200-400 she has been saving for your 33rd???????

    the 35 does sound like a winner--I've not used it on a DX body, but loved mine in the good old days, when a 35 was a 35!

    You could get the doctor to attach a Bogen super clamp to your cast :biggrin:
  3. Funny you mention the telephoto because I just recently shot my nephews baseball game with the 70-300VR and I had so much fun. I decided after that day, that my next purchase was going to be something long like a 300 f4, or 80-400VR even though its slower. I did contemplate a 300 f2.8, but its probably not worth getting divorced over just yet. MABYE now I just might have a good excuse to pick up a 85mm 1.4? or at least a 1.8, but I think it might limit me for some indoor shots since it will be the only lens I will use for a while.
  4. Well, I'm certainly sorry that your story didn't have a better ending, but hey, you won the game right? And you wrote a very entertaining story. Sorry I can't help with the lens decision...I've got the setup you're looking to get and I'm working so much right now that I haven't picked it up in a week. I suppose we could have worse problems, huh?

    Best of luck on your recovery.

    North Carolina
  5. Thanks for the kind words guys. If you only knew how long it took me to type up my initial post! :biggrin: I can type fast, but know I am pecking like a chicken.
  6. JessP7


    May 3, 2005
    North MS, USA
    When I was reading your post, I kept imagining you typing with one hand. I've been there and done that. My story involves a broken wrist that was broken for a little over a month before I ever went to the doctor. I just kept thinking that the pain would go away. The worst part of the story...I got my cast and then my D70 about 3 or 4 days later. I did the best that I could with it, but I was so discouraged. So I kinda know where you are coming from here. I wish that I had advice on the lenses you are looking at, but I am currently debating a new prime myself. Every time that I think I have decided on the Sigma 30, I read something about the 35mm or the 85mm. I will follow your thread and use the advice that others give you to help me in my decision as well.

    Best wishes on everything. Maybe you won't require any kind of surgery and can just get by with a sling.
  7. LDB415


    Apr 26, 2008
    Well, my suggestion is way out there. Rather than a $399 Sigma 30f1.4 go for a Nikon S600. It's easily operated one handed, including the zoom. It's the size of a deck of cards so it will drop into your shirt pocket. It's great even after you recover to carry in your pocket for times when carrying a big kit isn't practical. And at $249 you use less of your big lens money.

  8. I type like that all the time:redface:
  9. Bill N

    Bill N Guest

    Don't worry, Ed. Just pick up a used 35mm f2 and have fun with it on the d50. When your flipper is healed you can always sell it and get most/all of your money back or you might just like it well enough to keep it. I have purchased used for more than one project with the intent of selling when I was done with the lens. Trouble is... I seem to keep more than I had plans to. Remember, it isn't a purchase, it is an investment.:biggrin:
  10. pr549f2678


    Jun 26, 2007
    central Fl
    Sorry for you accident, it makes me hurt just thinking about it.
    I have the 35 f/2 and I love it, take it into stores to take pictures
    that you can get close with.
    Below is one I took at Publix with the 35 f/2/


    If you want a 85 f/1.8, e-mail me for I have one to sell.

    Get better fast,
  11. cotdt


    Jul 14, 2007
    Bay Area, USA
    My friend lost BOTH his arms in the Iraq War and he uses a 28/2.

    Manual focus.
  12. Um...What's your point?
  13. The sigma 30mm 1.4 is looking very to be a good choice. I am going to keep my eye out on the for sale forum. I know there has been some QC issues and hope that a calibration will not be required. I could be all healed by the time it comes back.
  14. SP77


    Jun 4, 2007
    Rockville, MD
    I'd consider a cheap used 18-55. It's a perfectly good little lens, especially the newer VR version, weighs almost nothing, and you might even be able to hold the camera and zoom with one hand on it. You also wouldn't be stuck with a single focal length either.
  15. I like the price of the 18-55 VR but IMHO I probably will not be able to focus and hold the camera at the same time.

    I visited the orthopedic today and I am being referred to a shoulder specialist so it appears that I might be heading into surgery. Thanks to those who have chimed in.

  16. Wail


    Aug 14, 2007
    Saudi Arabia
    Sorry for your anguish, I hope you get a speedy recovery.

    That aside, I spent a very long (looooooong) time with no ability to use my right hand (plus other parts of my body). I wanted to use the D70 so bad, but just couldn't hold it with one hand and so I got the D40 with the kit lens (18-55).

    Now, with one hand you can't use manual focus and you can't zoom; but you can adjust the focal length of your desire with the lens on your lap and then hold it up with the one hand and shoot. The D40 (D50 in your case) along with the 18-55 is very very light, so light that I'd say get this one and you will learn to master the use of it.

    There is the VR version now out, which would give you a good few stops in lower light. Again, with a bit of practice you will learn to adjust the focal length with one hand while the camera rests on your lap.

    One way or another, I am sure you are in a lot of pain and there may be times when you just don't / can't move. The zoom will come in VERY handy.

    I've grown so used to handling my camera single-handedly that I've managed to use the 24-120VR .... tried to use the Sigma 70-200 but just couldn't master that.

    I'm now able to use both hands and thank God things have changed dramatically ... but I still keep the D40 with the 18-55 and got the 55-200VR along for it, just for the sake of old times.

    I wish you a speedy recovery, and hope this has been of some help?!?
  17. PAReams


    Apr 4, 2007
    San Diego, CA
    That's pretty impressive. Wow.
  18. Amazon has the dirty thirty for $381 so i might just pull the trigger. I am going to a wedding on Sunday and the D50 and siggy will keep me happy. I was planning on using the D300 and taking candids but thats out of the question now.
  19. moffo


    Oct 20, 2005
    Central TX
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