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Oops. Accidentally bought a beast today! (blast you UF!)

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by Vernon t, Sep 11, 2005.

  1. I was on the way in my pickup delivering some stuff to some hurricane refugees today.
    On a whim I pulled in to the local fun-pro-photo-toy-shop while driving across town toward the delivery address.
    They had a mint can't-tell-it's-ever-been-mounted 28-70. Pristine.

    My AMEX spontaneously lept from my pocket.
    I'm still not sure how that happened.
    929.95 poorer. Lowpro 31.3 oz. heavier.

    It was a consignment. They also have a 14mm/2.8,17-35 and 80-200. PM if ya' wanna' know where. All pristine. Don't know why they were sold.

    Here's my first-ever "beast shot". Some very very gracious and profoundly grateful ex-New Orleansites. The other one's my fifth-ever shot. My 20 y/o son trying to look cool despite the seriously dorky bike.
    Among them, a nurse, a cop, a mechanic. Sad but our local workforce can't help but benefit. They all got out Saturday before the storm with three days clothing. nothing more.

    Another BTW::
    My lovely wife (of 25 years this week) is named Katrina. She's not enjoying her newfound notoriety!


  2. Ken-L

    Ken-L Guest

    What can I say? Some "accidents" were meant to happen!

    Now that you have it, enjoy!
  3. Oops :) 
    Wish I'd had a camera shop here with a pristine beast for that price...its within my CC limit, though my mother would skin me alive....
  4. Henk

    Henk Guest

    congrats on your purchase Vernon. seems like a good deal to me!

    best regards

  5. Outstanding deal of the year Vernon! A new lens retails for about $1,400.00 before rebate. I love mine and believe me I understand. I swore I wouldn't buy one, but then I attached it to my new D2H. Ouch! That was it for me! BTW, great images! You will love the Beast. :biggrin:
  6. kjoosten


    May 1, 2005
    Houston, TX
    Better start working out on the BowFlex. That is a serious chunk of hardware.
  7. Yeah, I particularly understand that because the day I bought my D2H was the day the Nikon rep was at our local photo-toy shop. I demo'ed the D2H with a 28-70 on it with the card from my then-best-camera-ever D100. Went home, looked at the shots, went back to toy shop, bought D2H.

    I later bought a 17-55 and love it but have never stopped wanting a 28-70. Don't need it...just wanted it!

    Now got both.

    I can already tell...the 17-55 will be my main indoor social gathering lens, as the 28mm just isn't wide enough. The beast will be my main outdoor social gathering lens, as 55 just isn't long enough.
    That's my expense-justifying rationalizing at its very finest, huh?

    I keep wanting the consignment 17-35 that was screaming "hey dude, what about ME" as I walked out with the beast. That is LLD at its most acute.

    The beast's weight is nothing to me(muy-macho-man). See my avatar...D2X and 17-55 and 5 other lenses at 3000 meters. I can get an endorphin-pumping runners high just by tossing on my Lowepro and walking a mile. Life is good.
  8. Err.....Vernon, I was just about to post a thread with a similar title and then saw your post.

    I didn't have enough sleep for several days and yesterday a friend asked me to accompany him to the camera shop to look at some lenses. I didn't know what really happen but when I left, I had the Beast in my bag.

    I better start shooting with it to justify the purchase.

  9. Phil!

    This is too funny! Perhaps you didn't see my rather long diatribe a few weeks ago about deciding not to get the Beast...yada yada yada. :rolleyes:  Yeah right, that resolve lasted about as long as attaching it to my D2H in the camera shop. Within seconds it was mine! I have no shame or resolve left. :biggrin: To be honest, I love the lens. :biggrin: I didn't think I would, but my 17-55 was carefully packed in it's original box unused and lonely. Selling the 17-55 was the best option for me and took the ouch out of the 28-70. I also sold my precious D70, kit lens and 24-120 to my older brother. No worries, he loves it. So, on to the 200mm micro! :biggrin:

    Here are a few samples with the D2H and the Beast:



  10. Crystall,

    Yup, you're a business woman...

    Come on now, bring on that 200mm! :biggrin:
  11. Crystal, when I "sort" of want a lens and find myself rationalizing and reasoning all the reasons "not" to get it I know the battle's over.
    It's inevitably going to show up in my bag...most often sooner rather than later.

    Now, with that out of the way let me tell you all the reasons I definitely do "not" need that 105mmDC I've been contemplating.....
  12. :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

    Vernon, you're a killer...
  13. cwilt


    Apr 24, 2005
    Denver, CO
    You are right....

    You don't need the 105 DC. :D evil:

    HA HA HAHAhaha! [evil laugh]
  14. Nope, I don't need it, don't want it!

    I don't need a 105DC.
    I have a 105/2.5 that I love.
    I have a 85/1.4 that Is sublime.
    My 70-200 covers that focal length.
    The current 105DC rebate isn't that great.
    I hate rebates anyway, in fact I avoid them.
    The DC probably isn't all that great.
    I really should save the money.
    No...I should spend it on my wife.

  15. Hehehe. I'm flattered, Vernon :cool: .

    That's awesome! If you decided you don't like it, you'd be able to recover your money in a New York minute.

    Those are seriously good starter shots, Vernon... and your son does look cool!

    Congratulations on a very successful purchase. You and The Beast were made for each other :biggrin:.
  16. That's great, Phil! Don't worry about the price; it'll pay for itself :smile:.
  17. RPTFL! Nope, you're sunk! You don't have a chance. You know what makes LLD really bad?? When your spouse encourages you to buy lenses so he can fly airplanes!! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: That 200mm is so close...sitting in a lonely warehouse, waiting for me...sniff! :D epressed
  18. Whew...unintended consequences...good news bad news.

    The 20-70 sharpness is amazing wide open. Good news.
    My beloved 17-55 is less so. Bad news. Well, not really.

    I'm definitely a closet sharpness-measurebator. If you want to join this club download a ISO 12233 test chart and print on a good laser printer.


    Be careful. It may destroy some of your illusions about your lenses.

    We all (all photo geeks anyway) refer to things like lens "sweet spot".

    I now have, I believe, two lenses that, wide open, are limited by the D2X resolution and not the other way around.
    They are the 70-200 and the 28-70.
    The 17-55 needs to be at about f/4.5.
    The 85.1.4 needs to be at 3.5.
    The 50.1.8 at f/2.8.
    And so on.

    I always thought my 105.2.5 MF was spectacular at f4, but it's not the equal of the 70-200. The MF 2.5 bokeh IS though. Hmmm, don;t know how to objectify that.

    Yeah, geek stuff.
    Yeah, sharpness is only one measure of quality, but it's the easily observable and testable one.

    I'm testing with the test target and a White-Lightening 800. JPG-fine will show you what you want to know without even fooling with RAW.

    Important note: testing back-focus-anxiety with a D2X wide open may be pointless if the lens sharpness is made apparent. That's what you may be seeing.

    Bottom line-the 28-70 is top shelf.

    addendum bad news. If the 17-35 is it's equal I may want to trade the 17-55 for one. That'll cost me.

    final note: caution is in order when letting your spell check fix the word "measurebator". You may want to add it to your custom dictionary. :eek: 
  19. That's surprising, Vernon. From the images I've reviewed, I've concluded the 17-55 is sharper wide open. Do you think your results might be sample dependent? Maybe you should send your 17-55 back to Nikon for adjustment...
  20. UF, you must be happy that in a single day, you have recruited 2 persons with great self-control into your club.

    Crystall, I did follow your previous posts and I kept on telling myself 'it's not gonna happen to me'.

    Vernon, you need the 105DC. :D evil:

    And to myself, I have completed my lens lineup.....yes, definitely :confused: 
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