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Opening day, Everett Hawks vs. Billings Maverick NIFL

Discussion in 'Photojournalism, Candids and Street Photography' started by Retief, Mar 29, 2005.

  1. What an adventure. I had the opportunity to travel with our new Pro Indoor Football team this past weekend to their opening game in Billings, MT. In case anyone was there, fat chance, I was the fool running around with 2 cameras :lol: . Got the call Tuesday, expecting to be on an airplane late Friday or early Saturday. Got the call Wednesday late that I needed to meet the bus :?: :?: at Midnight Thursday. The league didn't quite have everything together with the airlines, so 15 hours or so after boarding the bus, we arrive in Billings. First thing about indoor football, it is fast, really fast. The smaller field is great to photograph as things are so compressed. The smaller field is horrible to photograph as things now happen so darned fast. And, of course, players hit the boards, often coming right over, so another obstacle to be aware of. I shot with both the D2H and the D70, pre-set WB using a Minolta Color Meter and I think I should have checked the color temp throughout the game, as I believe things were changing as the bulbs heated up. Much more pronounce yellow cast later in the game. Also used flash to supplement and fill as the lighting stunk. ISO 1600, Sigma 120-300 f2.8 on the D2H, Nikon 85 f1.8 on the D70. Here is a link to 15 larger images:

    And here are a few for your immediate perusal:

    "Yup, I got him :!: " - Bo Bees, Maverick QB, sacked by big John Fields, #95 of the Everett Hawks
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    "Streching for the TD" - Verna Owens, #21, not to be denied
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    "Headed to the End Zone" - Cory Grow, #4, on the way to a TD
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    Oh, the best thing, the Hawks won. I was very glad, as I don't think I would have liked the bus ride home if they hadn't.......

    Let me know what you think, critiques are more than welcome, as well as suggestions for doing a better job in the future.
  2. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    Great shots Bill - they look like they're taken by the official team photographer! ;) 

    And yeah, it'll be easier later to get some of the 'agony of de' feet' shots.
  3. Thanks, Chris, not sure how "official" I am yet, but if I can cadge a free trip to Miami for the game in Florida it will all have been worth it, eh :?:
  4. Very nice images, I bet they are pleased with them.
  5. great opportunity and shots. Good to hear from you.
  6. Gordon, Harris, thanks for the kind words.

    For me this is a neat opportunity, and a ton of fun. It is still up in the air, a LONG way up, as to if this will also be profitable, I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I'm actually hoping that a Scout from SI will see me, decide they can't live without me, and hire me for a gazillion dollars a year, where I only have to work for 12 days a year. I always figure that if I am going to dream, I may as well dream BIG :lol: .

    So far they seem quite happy, but they really don't know yet what they want, or what to do with it. I expect this first season to be a lot of that, figuring out what works, and sells, best.

    Harris, this gives you an idea of what has been taking up my time of late. Best thing about birds is that they are not nearly as demanding. Then again, I have to work harder and stand out in the rain......
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