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Orange Lilies with the 70-180mm Micro Nikkor lens

Discussion in 'Macro, Flowers, Insects, and Greenery' started by CrystallP, Jun 19, 2005.

  1. Orange lilies from the resident garden, overcast day with intermittent sunshine. 62mm circular polarizing filter on order.

    70-180mm f/4.5-5.6 AF ED Micro Nikkor lens

    1/640s f/8 at 135mm
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    1/800s f/8 at 180mm
    View attachment 10656

    1/800s f/8 at 180mm
    View attachment 10657

    1/800s f/8 at 140mm
    View attachment 10658

    Comments are appreciated. :D 
  2. CrystallP,

    Very nice exposures. Organge is a hard color to hold the detail you did a good job with these.

    I've been thinking about the 70-180 lens, what do you think of yours?
  3. reply to Mark


    I really like this lens. I had difficulty finding a copy since it is out of production. The members of the Cafe were very helpful in pointing me to KEH, found at http://www.keh.com. I purchased a used lens in 9+ condition. Dave, (dkapp) mentioned that they often underrate their lenses, and he was correct, the lens was in immaculate condition.

    I have a set of close-up filters (5T and 6T). I tried to use them with the lens yesterday to document a hornet's nest found on my deck...unfortunately that was a littel too close. :shock: I used the 70-200VR + 500D close up filter instead.

    I have a few more images taken with the 70-180mm under the Columbine heading in this forum.
  4. I noticed that B&H list an imported version of the 70-180 for just over $1000.00. I'll take a look at KEH.com, thanks for the information.

    Approx. how close did the 5T and 6T get you to that hornet's nest? :D  I use them on my 70-200 with a reducing ring. It's a good combination and a little easier on the pocketbook than the 500D.
  5. Hornets, 70-180 micro and 6T, too close

    Let's just say that it was tooooo close. I thought that I had thoroughly saturated the nest and the occupants were all dead. Well, hornets really are scavengers, because I tried to sweep it off the porch and 20 hornets flew out of it!
  6. Wow that looks great! You even captured a bee in flight on the 3.

    How does this lens compare to the 70-200+500D combo?

    It might be lighter :wink:

    Damn, LLD strikes again!
  7. Yep LLD strikes again without warning. :twisted:

    The 70-180 is significantly lighter than the 70-200+500D combination. I hefted that combo around yesterday trying to capture my hornet's nest images. I originally wanted a 200mm micro (LLD again) but so far I am satisfied with this lens. I used a compact Manfrotto 680 monopod with a 3D magnesium head for these images.
  8. #3 and 4 i like, that blue bee going for the flower in #3.
  9. I like the little bee too. I didn't notice it until the images were downloaded.
  10. Crystall,

    Love the contrasting colors! I too like #3 and # 4 the best. The bee in #3 is a bonus! I always like it when you find something interesting like that which you did't notice when you took the shot. :)  :) . That 70-180 does a nice job. I have also put the 200 micro on my wish list - but not this year - spent too much already. I'll probably have to settle for a 500D (unless I get overpowered by a severe case of LLD) :)  :) .
  11. Reply to Nikam


    Thank you for the feedback. I really like the last two images too. I took them at a weird angle and my friendly little bee popped in for a quick second.

    I tried to purchase the 70-180 at a few websites, (even eBay) for less than $900.00. No luck. I finally purchased mine at KEH for about $910.00. This lens holds its value, even though it is discontinued. If you can get one for less, you are getting a bargain.

    The 200mm micro is on my wish list along with the 28-70. :lol:

    I purchased the 500D locally. It works well with the 70-200, but it is a bit cumbersome. It makes a nice macro substitute because the bokeh is excellent. You can see examples of this combination at http://pbase.com/cympearson/yellowjackets.
  12. Nice images Crystall. It's interesting that Michael mentioned the little bee flying in from the right side on #3. I had not noticed that until I read his post and sure enough, there it is. Good eye Michael.
  13. Thank you for your kind feedback Gordon. Hopefully I will get a chance to photograph a few more lilies before the end of the season.
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