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Ordered a D700, but looks like grey import. What do you think?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by tfboy, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. tfboy


    Aug 22, 2008
    Berkshire, UK
    Hi everyone.

    Sorry for this first post, I was hoping to bring something worthwhile, but am asking for people's opinion instead.

    I live in the UK and have all of a sudden felt the urge to get a D700, mainly because I have a couple of weddings coming up and wanted to have a two body setup so I'm not constantly swapping lenses on the camera (existing camera is a D200).

    So, I did a bit of research and looked at loads of photography sites. Eventually, found one that was cheap, and their feedback on "review" sites looked average, but the negative comments were kind of normal (camera out of stock, customer complains he hasn't received it, etc).

    Also, as the price was quite good £1699 and offered a free copy of Nikon Capture NX, I was tempted. I emailed them to ask whether the cameras were sourced from Nikon UK for warranty purposes, and received a reply stating that all of their Nikon equipment is sourced through Nikon Europe.

    Taking this into account, I went ahead and bought the body along with a SB-900 flash.

    Today, I received it. However, it's fairly clear that the camera was originally for the Japanese market due to the japanese writing on the side, a "D700 (j)" note. Also, the instruction manual was a laser printer jobby which has been stapled together. It's fully complete, but about 3cm thick and not the proper bound booklet - no doubt because the one originally in the box is in Japanese. Finally, I can't find any Nikon Capture NX software. And, not surprisingly, there's no yellow Nikon UK warranty card in the box.

    I did phone the customer services of the supplier, and they were very quick to brush me off with "don't worry, the body is sourced via Nikon Europe and we do provide a two year warranty, first is with Nikon. You have nothing to worry about".

    I then phoned Nikon to enquire about the "legitimacy" of the camera, and they suggested I try to register it on Nikon UK's website. Apparently, if the camera is a grey import, the registration will fail. The serial number starts with 2, which would confirm a Jap model. But the registration went through OK. :confused: 

    My main concern is that if I had known that the camera was likely to be a grey import, if I went through and purchased it, I would have known it was an imported body and accept any potential consequences because of that.

    But the matter of the fact is that I have no original manual, no software which was included (also written on receipt) and the fact I was kind of misinformed when I queried the origin of the body.

    Of course, I have a seven day cooling off period, but I'm going to be out of the country for the next two weeks (doing the wedding shoots at the weekends). The supplier I purchased from assures me that they provide a two-year warranty, the first of which is handled by Nikon direct, the second by themselves. I'm not too sure whether Nikon UK would service it should a fault arise, and the ability to register the serial number suggests it would be ok, but all other pointers (no warranty card, no uk manual, jap serial number) just don't help the situation.

    In a way, I regret buying it now, especially as I can pick up a D700 body from heathrow airport Tuesday morning for practically the same price, and I know it will be a proper UK model with everthing that goes with it. But I caved into the nicety of having it for this weekend and the wedding shoot.

    So, bottom line, what would you do?

    I'm thinking of asking for the Capture NX software in an email, and then judging by how that goes, use it as a further reason to send the camera back for a refund.

    Are there any other consequences or suggestions you can advise. I wouldn't be that bothered if it was just a D40 - but as this is a "professional" bit of kit, I don't want to have any aggro down the line if ever I need service under warranty (whether handled by supplier or Nikon direct).

    Thanks and sorry for long first post! :redface:
  2. I would personally call Nikon and ask them the specific question, "Will you service my body with serial number xxxxxxxx without a Warranty slip"

    If the answer is no, then send the body back for a refund.

    I generally only by Nikon products from Nikon approved dealers, I pay a little more, but I know exactly what I'm getting.
  3. My bet is that they lied to you. I think it is grey market.
  4. If you are unhappy, send it back. You would be better off renting a camera for this photo shoot than to keep a camera that is suspect and not what you expected.
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