Ordered one D200 and got two

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR' started by Crayaco, Dec 22, 2005.

  1. If you were keeping up with the thread on Circuit City having d200 in stock:


    I posted that I ordered one and then found out about the 10% off. I called them back and was told to cancel the ealier order and reorder for the 10% discount.

    Today the FedEx guy delivers me two D200's. :Shocked: I call Circuit City and they will gladly remove the extra camera from my account if I return it to a store. I have 30 days to do so. :biggrin:

    Now let me think, if they are going for over $2000 on ebay, Hmmmmm .......
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  2. LOL! Congrats! I too received TWO unexpectedly though the 2nd came from my eCost order, which I never expected to get filled so soon (and was gonna just cancel it). :biggrin:

    However, since there seems to be potential issue w/ some units (like color noise streaking), I will make sure that one is not a lemon before selling off the other. Not really looking to make $$$ off the other though as I'm happy enough to have my own in time for the holidays (and anniversary :biggrin:).

    Happy shooting!

  3. I will take it back next week, I am 100 miles from CC.

    Will be in Denverfor three days next week.

    My wife said I should keep the second D200 and sell the d70 .....:biggrin:
  4. your wife is right... :)
  5. OOOOOOooooh! :eek:

    Hmmm... Now why didn't MY wife suggest that? :tongue: Maybe I should bring that up tomorrow... :wink: :biggrin:

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