Organizational help of a different sort...

Jul 30, 2006
Southern California
So, I currently have two flashes, and am looking for at least two more in order to have a portable lighting kit... I have been using Energizer rechargables (the grey/green kind) for a while. Problem is, I currently have 5 sets... 2 for each flash and one for the 5th battery on my SB-800... most are MaH 2500, but 2 pair are different... keeping them separated/organized is driving me nuts. Is there a better solution out there? I want to keep it affordable/powerful/reusable if possible. HELP! :biggrin: :rolleyes: Thanks.
Mar 9, 2006
Catskills of New York
sorting batteries

I have 6 sets of batteries. I use them 4 at a time. What I do is put a rubber band around each set of charged batteries with the positive side up. Then as one set nedds to be changed I band the four back together and keep one or two batteries with the positive side down, this way you can take a quick glance and see if they are charged or need to be charged.

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