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Osprey-Eagle Battle continues

Discussion in 'Birds' started by Gerald Plowman, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. The Eagle appears on the scene. . . has a determined look I would say

    First he tries going right for the fish from underneath.



    Closing in!

    Here, it looks like he nails the Osprey. . . but happily all eventually flew away apparently uninjured.
  2. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Wow that is amazing.
    That Eagle is something else
  3. Very cool - I see them now.
  4. has a determined look I would say, says Mr. Ricco and yes Mr. Ricco is right as do all eagles. This one looks to me to be a good size female and heres some info about why she (and all eagles) look fierce.
    Quote, NY States web Journey North,

    The eagle has a little bit of bare skin between its eyes and its beak, and a bony ridge above its eyes. That bony ridge makes its face appear fierce to us. Feel above your own eye. You have a bony ridge above your eyes, too, but in most people it's not quite as noticeable as on an eagle, and certainly doesn't make you look fierce!

    Hey Mr. Ricco nice photos again. I bet that eagle has that Osprey all figured out and watches it more than it watches the water for a fish of it's own.:smile: :smile: However the Osprey is one great fishman/fisherwomen and I love watching both in action. Keep watching Mr. Ricco and don't forget to share with us.
  5. Lou, I guess I need to learn the "bird sexes." Please tell us why you find this one a female. Thanks.
  6. Well Mr. Ricco from your photo it looks to me like a female because of it's beak size and shape. I can't be 100% sure and really no one can from a photo as the only way for sure is to have the bird and do some math with a micrometer. On my web home page is a link on telling the gender of a bald eagle, take a look at it and you will see what I mean. www.loubuscher.com
    I also have some photos of this being done on birds that are rehabbed and released back to the wild. Take a look at this link also and check the thumbnail photos as there are several showing this being done
    http://www.loubuscher.com/jakes_rehab.htm Hope this helps and feel free if you need more info.
  7. Thanks a million for the links.
  8. Very interesting set with all the action Hollywood loves to see. *-) I saw a similar "adventure" a while back, but it was a pair of osprey chasing a poor bald eagle away from their nesting area. It was an adult baldy..but the larger osprey was bigger than the eagle. One of the larest osprey I've seen. Eagle didn't stick around long. I got some pics, but from a good distance off.
  9. Lowolf


    Jan 26, 2006
    very well captured great images
  10. Great action sequence Jerry. I hope to see this when I am there later today.
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