Osprey from Sandy Hook

Discussion in 'Birds' started by mike mac, Aug 8, 2005.

  1. Back from my outing with Anthony747 and Gordon Large from the Café' I found a 1 GIG card I had never downloaded and it was chock full of my osprey shots. So here are a few taken with the D2X and the 70-200VR
    #2 See the size of that Osprey in the background
  2. bfjr

    bfjr Guest

    I don't know :cry:
    I bust my you know what to try and find just one Osprey, and you
    got them on a card you forgot about !!

    And some darn fine ones too !!
    really love that stare :shock:
  3. Great shots, Mike! Ben, don't give up, you'll find one soon! :) Mike, really like the shot with the airliner in the background.
  4. MontyDog


    Jan 30, 2005
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  5. Just a DUH move on my part I forgot I had another card I thout somethignw as messed up
  6. thanks Kevin
    I kind of like the one with the airplane also
  7. Hi Mike! I can understand the missing GIG card...you guy's ate them up! Your osprey shots are from the second nest we visited. I went back to the first nest on Sunday and all three are still there! I was shooting one of them crossing the bay hoping I'd get a shot of it fishing when behind me I could see flashing lights from the park ranger, I was approached and ask for ID and he wanted know why I was shooting the Navy ships across the bay :shock: I explained to him that I was shooting ospreys not ships! I waited a few minuets as he ran a check on my ID. All was OK but this was the first time I was ID as a photographer.

    Nice shots!

  8. Anthony
    That is wild but in todays tempermant toward security I guess it is not that far fetched. Glad it all worked out so any nice shots. Yes this whole card was from the 2nd next we visited. Thanks again, will have to do this again.
  9. I agree and told the park ranger so. He was nice and was telling me about some of his osprey stories and about some other nests.

    Anytime you want to venture out to the hook just let me know.

  10. Should have bought a Lottery ticket after you found these! Really nice and sharp images Mike!!
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