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OT: My experience so far

Discussion in 'Sports Photography' started by rustyfingers, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. Soccer Moms buy pictures, even if they s**k.

    Soccer dads listen to college/pro games in the car while their kid is playing.

    Softball Moms buy pictures but are a little more picky about what they buy. You give them something good and they'll snatch it up. They like posters.

    Softball dads buy you hotdogs.

    Swimming Moms buy nothing.

    Swimming Dads steal your pics from the web and then tell you how they did it.

    Little league Moms tell you to take pictures of their kid and then don't buy them.

    Little league Dads tell you to "MOVE" and then want to know if you got the shot of their kid catching a pop fly. "Yea I got it. Here's a card"...they never buy the pic.

    HS Football moms tell you to take pictures of their kid for the papers web site.

    HS Cheerleader moms tell you to take pictures of their kid for the papers web site

    HS Dancer moms tell you to take pictures of their kid for the papers web site

    Band Moms hug your neck when their flute playing daughter is on the Papers web site. I like hugs.

    HS Coaches look at you funny after you take a picture of them yelling at the quarterback.

    HS Quarterbacks will pose for you if they know you are shooting them.

    HS Running backs will run over you and then laugh.

    The ROTC director will shake my hand and say "Thank You" when the honor guard is on the papers web site. I like "Thank You"s

    HS Cheerleaders will tumble if they know you are shooting them.

    Fans will yell and scream if they know you're shooting them.

    Photog's will work their butt's off for pennies and then come back next week and do it again... for pennies.

    I'm happy to be alive and blessed that I'm able to do this.

  2. Ever get the soccer mom who askes how to operate her p&S, and like the nice guy you are you set her up, then she stands in your line of sight?
  3. Jeff Mims

    Jeff Mims

    May 25, 2005
    You can't get rich shooting HS sports??:eek: :eek: 

    Oh well, guess I better move on to plan B.

    (Plan B: get rich by winning the lottery) :biggrin:

    I don't know about swimmer's Dads, but I know of a soccer Dad who asked me for some enlargements of pics of his daughter. He would even pay me for them. (so generous of him). He'd tried making copies of the 8x10 he already had, but they just wouldn't print out right. Told me to my face.

    another shooter I know told me some of his friends were thanking for his pictures. They are really enjoying them, and have pictures on their desk and at home. He knew they hadn't bought any from him, so when he asked...they told him they just downloaded them from the web and printed them.

    In both cases, the people really don't see anything wrong with this. That if it's own the web, it's public domain.
  4. Ice Hockey Youth, AND PARENTS - Taking pictures of MY pictures with their cell phones. And then get ****y when they are told that they are stealing.

    Go figure.
  5. Dennis,

    I LOVE your list!!

    add these...

    21 yr old fans at a baseball game want their picture taken drinking beer, but don't want the print!
    Parents of College Soccer players want to know if you got a picture of their daughter, then buy it 1/2 the time, 100% if its a poster.
    Parents of College baseball players, not getting drafted, appreciate your interest in their son, and buy prints 1/2 the time too.
  6. cbarnes


    Sep 6, 2008
    high school kids who steal pix off your website for their facebook pages and see nothing wrong with it

    then they don't understand why the next week's game photos are covered by your name and the word "copyright" so large that they can't see the pictures very well

    then they complain about the words over the pictures
  7. wrx1


    Nov 1, 2007
    Maplewood MN
    Or when other people sell your pictures without telling you and keeping all the profits.:rolleyes: 

    Hey, check out these pictures...
    They are mine....
    I just purchased them from .......

    Made for a bit of a tense time. But I guess that my work is improving if someone else wants to steal my work, sell it as their own, and get paid for it.:rolleyes: 
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