OT : Not sure what to say.... moving ..powerful.... Inspiring

Nov 30, 2011
Indianapolis, IN
I try to share things that are uplifting and inspiring , and I would like everyone to take the time and watch this video. Words do not come to me. I hope everyone can find something to relate to in it. A sad but wonderful story, and truly inspiring. If I could be have the man Zach will always be, even in death, I would be a better man for it. The best 22 minutes of my life.

Sep 28, 2007
I can't even begin to describe the emotion watching this video brought out in me. It reminded me of a childhood friend of mine that died of cancer at 19. He was diagnosed at age 12.

This story just reminded me so much of him. They could've been one in the same, their stories are THAT similar. I had a very hard time getting through this. But at the same time it brought back memories of my friend... He too never wanted anyone sympathy. He just wanted to live his life to the fullest, which he did , like Zach did.

I hope Zach and my friend Richie get to meet each other wherever they are. I KNOW they'd get along great!!
Mar 26, 2006
Naples, Fl
Two words, Brian Piccolo. Puts our petty crap into perspective, doesn't it?

Amazing video, strength, courage, inspiration and love.

Brian's Song, the story of Brian Piccolo is a story I learnt this past year. I was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer, Dec 2012. I just enjoyed my 1yr cancer free anniversary after 4 surgeries and 9 weeks of chemo last yr.

As I watch the video Zach is the inspiration, but the forgotten heroes of all cancers are the caregivers. As a cancer survivor, our battle is in comparison easy compared to the battle of our loved ones. We can process our illness internally and find the courage to fight it. The caregivers fight stronger and harder than us, and yet they often live with the pain forever.

For zachs parents, sisters, brothers, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and amazing friends, his life lives on through you. You are my heroes.

Brian's Song is good, but read the story of John Baker "a shining season" for another hero.

I am blessed to have a had a rockstar take the survivorship of my cancer from 5% to 95% over the last 40 years. I met Dr. Einhorn and only meeting Nelson Mandela would have been as rewarding to me.

Zach. You are a rockstar.
Zachs family, you are rockstars.
Brian Piccolo and John Baker you are rockstars.
Dr. Einhorn you are a rockstar.
My wife and son, you are rockstars.

Apr 12, 2006
Central Georgia, USA
Very moving and impressive, what I could watch of it. Hits too close to home.

He handled it better than I did. Diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer I had to deal with the facts, for 6 months, I had a year or so to live, I have been there to that final point of acceptance, no more anger, no fear. It really settled me, I accepted and became calm about it all. I have no fear of death now.
Docs and I got a surprise. A very rare curable cancer.
The young man had a lot of courage.

Thanks for posting. I am 5 years out now, and you do not let the grass grow around your feet.
Jan 26, 2005
Marysville, WA
Tom and Wembley, congrats, much. My father-in-law passed this year from malignant melanoma. We have been seeing, in the last month, news of new melanoma treatments, drives my wife nuts.

Wembley, you make GREAT points on on all those around the patient, that you so much for acknowledging them as well. And let us not forget one more group, the Hospice folks. When the worst comes, they are an incredible bunch of sanity saviors.

To you survivors, to all the folks who have helped those survivors, to all the folks who support this, my hat is off to all of you. To all who have never been affected, or gone through any of this from any perspective, my sincere wishes that you never have to. But always be grateful to these folks, they all have incredible courage, without a doubt.

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